10 Online Business Ideas without Investment / No Investment Business

10 Online Business Ideas without Investment / No Investment Business
10 Online Business Ideas without Investment / No Investment Business

Online Business Ideas without Investment/No Investment Business

Below is a list of 50+ ideas for online businesses that don’t require investment. These businesses do not require investment, but may require a small amount of capital. These include hot business ideas.

1) Freelance writing

There are many opportunities for those who are able to write reports and articles with good flow. Upwork.com, Guru.com, and Elance.com all offer opportunities to hire freelance writers at a good salary. This is a great idea for part-time business without investing.

2) Blogging

Blogs are useful and educational content that is shared with a specific audience. You can make a lot of money if you are an expert in a subject area. Your blog will grow in popularity if it has great content. You can make money by attracting advertisements to your blog if it attracts a lot of traffic. Google Adsense can be applied for or approached by advertisers to offer Ad space on your site. Simply put, blogging is what I do on this blog. It is a zero-investment business that anyone who is passionate about creating quality content can start.


Dropshipping is a way to sell products online and avoid having to stock them physically. Another unique concept is gaining popularity. You will need to create a free store on any of the selling platforms like Amazon, Ebay, and others. Now. Find a wholesaler for the product you want to sell. There are many wholesale drop shippers available on platforms such as Aliexpress and Oberlo. Ask them to send you photos of their products and make a deal. These photos can be uploaded to your online store along with SEO-optimized descriptions. Once you have convinced someone to purchase a product, subtract your profit and send the money to the drop shippers to place the order at the client’s location. You can make easy profits by not investing in stocks.

4) Editing, proofreading

This business is for you if you are a good observer and can spot even the smallest mistakes. This business is also zero-investment and can be easily managed from your home.

5) Create online courses

This could be the right business for you if you’re looking for an investment-free one. People are always hungry to learn new things, and the internet is one place that can help them do this. You can become a master of a topic and sell it as a course on Udemy, Teachable or Thinkific. It is important to be an expert in a topic that people are interested in learning, such as cooking or yoga. This could be a great online business idea in India if you’re passionate about teaching.

6) Books online

You can publish your entire book if you’re capable of writing it and don’t want to pay for publishing. This opportunity is available through Kindle publishing. You can use social media advertising to increase your sales.

7) Graphic services

Graphic designing is a great career option if you’re a skilled artist. Many people are looking for graphic artists.

CPA marketing

Marketing is known as Cost Per Action (CPA). It involves convincing people to do a specific action, such as sign up for a newsletter, take a quiz or play a game. You will get paid for each action taken if you convince people.

9) Instagram Marketing

Businesses are always looking for platforms that can reach a large audience. You can accept paid advertisements from clients if you have a large Instagram following.

10) Sell videos online

You can sell videos on YouTube or other video publishing sites if you are able to produce great videos that teach and entertain people. You will be amazed at the reactions of people if you are able to create videos or cook delicious dishes.


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