20 Sexiest Video Game Girls Since 2000

Since the turn of the millennium, there has been a change in video games. It started with Metal Gear Solid in 1998, shifting the focus, design, and writing of arcade cartoon games from their origins to a decidedly more cinematic approach, which has only grown stronger as technology progressed in subsequent generations. . Characters began to have face models, experienced actors were hired on stage and screen to voice the characters, and the writing improved both of the absurd stereotypes of your Jill sandwiches to a level parallel to most shows. television that the former soon became unrecognizable. Another aspect of games that has changed dramatically with this change is the approach to designing female characters. With the fourth wave of feminism firmly underway, the radical sexualization of the female character that had been running rampant in the video game genre since the early 1990s came under the microscope of contempt. Demands were made for more genuine and realistic female characters, more female leads, and a character-driven approach that paralleled the iconic male leads. As such, what has defined a beautiful or attractive female character in video games today is a far cry from its 1990s equivalent. Suddenly, the absurd dimensions of a Tifa Lockhart or a Samus Aran have been replaced by the mix of cinematic beauty and a strong person behind the eyes, rather than in front of them. So, when asked to select the 20 Sexiest Female Characters of the 21st Century, you will find yourself searching for a perfect combination of looks and personality that will lead you to some options that you may not have selected first. Let’s take a trip back 14 years and see where video games have gone …

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