4 Best CPA Networks For Beginners in 2021

4 Best CPA Networks For Beginners in 2021
4 Best CPA Networks For Beginners in 2021

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA Marketing (Cost per Action/Acquisition Marketing), is an affiliate marketing model where the publisher or affiliate receives a commission every time the target audience completes a certain action.

Sign up, install an app, take a survey, purchase a product, or watch a video.

Many survey companies offer CPA deals in which you can make a commission of $1 to $10 per user who signs up through your link.

What is CPA marketing?

CPA Marketing is made up of four parts.

Affiliate or Publisher – These influencers include YouTubers, bloggers, and businesses that drive traffic to CPA deals through their website, YouTube channel or other channels.

Advertiser – They pay a commission to the publisher when their offer is converted successfully.

User – The target audience that takes action on the offer.

CPA Network – They act as intermediary between the Advertiser and the Publisher.

Here’s how CPA marketing works.

To find and join relevant offers within their niche, a publisher first joins a CPA Network. These offers are made by advertisers, and publishers have the right to reject or accept them.

The unique link is used by publishers to promote the offer to their readers when they sign up for the offer. The link can be included in their website content, description of YouTube videos or social media posts.

An advertiser receives a commission if a user completes an action with their unique link.

Publishers make money by turning users into leads, while advertisers get free traffic and new customers. It’s a win-win for both parties.

CPA Networks for Beginners 2020

1. AdWork Media

Adworkmedia website

AdWork Media boasts over 2,500+ high-converting campaigns that are targeted at a global audience.

You can work with them to use different money-making methods and a dashboard interface that provides detailed reporting.

You can make money with your apps, websites, emails, and other monetization tools like the content locker, link lockers, product lockers, offer wall, and others such as the content locker and link locker.

They offer surveys, email submissions, downloads and trials. You earn money every time a user takes any of these actions in order to access your content.

Payment Details

Minimum payouts are $35 paid by Check, ACH Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer.

Payments are typically made on the NET 30-day basis. You can change it to weekly, bi-weekly, NET 7 or NET 15, if you reach the threshold amount.


You can get support seven days a week.

Most countries accept offers.

You have the chance to win $500 in AWM Monthly Sweepstakes.

Refer a friend and you can earn a referral commission of 3% for each new member who joins the network through your link.


Adwork Media is open to all levels of experience, but Adwork Media does not always entertain. Although they may seem a bit strict, they are not too strict.

Adwork Media offers are more effective for traffic from Tier-1 countries. You can expect lower conversion if your traffic comes from Tier-1 countries.

2. 2.Website Olimob

Olimob offers a variety of verticals and offers through its mobile CPA network.

There are many offers available in Mobile content, Dating and Gambling, Crypto, Installs, Sweepstakes that are compatible with all geographic traffic and carriers.

You can not only work directly with the offers, but you can also use their Smartlinks to direct traffic to the best deals.

Olimob offers a referral program that allows you to make 5% on the earnings of your referees.

Payment Details

Because they need to verify traffic quality and leads, the first payment will be sent net-30 days. After everything passes inspection, you can then move to more flexible terms.

For Bank Wire, the minimum payout is $500 and for all other payment methods it’s $300. (BTC. PayPal. Webmoney).


Olimob offers a variety of deals


Refer a friend and receive a 5% commission


The minimum payout is high.

3. Advendor

Advendor Website

Advendor has been one of the most active affiliate networks since 2015. Both publishers and advertisers have many options with Advendor.

They offer a majority of their services under Gaming, Mobile and Crypto, Gambling.

Make sure that your blog and traffic source meet all requirements to join an offer. You can join some offers immediately, while others are available for free. Some offers are not limited in meaning. To be accepted, you must apply.

Each lead you generate requires registration, purchase of products or services, installation and activation of an app.

Advendor provides you with an Account Manager to guide you through the entire process.

Payment Details

Weekly payments are released automatically on Wednesday.

Your earnings can be withdrawn using Webmoney, PayPal or Yandex Money & Wire transfer

PayPal Minimum Payout: $500

Yandex minimum payout – $50

Wire transfer minimum payout – $5000

Minimum Qiwi wallet payout: $50

Minimum payout for WMZ – $50


Weekly payments

All demographics will find something they like

Manage accounts

Refer a friend


PayPal’s minimum payout limit is very high.

4. FireAds (Instant Approval)

FireAds Website

FireAds, another excellent affiliate network, offers campaigns (CPA/CPI/CPI/CPI), for most markets.

They work with well-respected advertisers and offer high conversions and commissions.

Start by choosing a campaign that interests you and then promote it using the unique link. You can earn up to EUR350 commission if you convert a user into a lead.

Payment Details

Wire, PayPal WebMoney and WebMoney are the only options for transferring $20.

Your earnings can be withdrawn weekly or immediately.


You can access 24/7 support as a member if you have any questions.

The minimum payment is very low.

FireAds works with reputable advertisers and offers high conversion rates.


If you are interested in Bitcoin, There is not an option.

Limited Offers for European Countries


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