6 Things to Do Before You Published The Post

6 Things to Do Before You Published The Post
6 Things to Do Before You Published The Post

6 Things to Do Before You Published The Post

This is a list with 21 steps I follow before publishing any new posts.

1. 1. title generator

This tool can help you generate clickable titles. It offers some tips and tricks for creating compelling headlines.

2. 2. Configure your Permalink

Your post permalink settings should be set to either post name or custom. You can add categories to your permalink if you have a custom structure. If you have an eCommerce website or blog with multiple categories, custom else is the best choice.

Post Permalink should not be tied to dates, months or numeric numbers as it won’t work well if you regularly update the content.

Your permalink should always include your primary keyword. This will add value to your On-page SEO.

WordPress post

3. 3.Add a compelling meta description

The meta description is usually located under the title of your search result page.

Here you can include additional details to increase your click-through rates. To create curiosity, you can also include the benefits of your post or a striking feature in your meta description.

To add SEO value, make sure to include your primary keyword in the meta description.

Meta description in Google search

4. Write long-form content

5. 5.

Your introduction to a post can be boring and cause readers to lose interest in the rest of your content.

Your visitors will click the back button if you have a dull intro. This can also affect your bounce rate, session length, and other factors.

Avoid it by making your intro interesting. Highlight the problems and offer solutions to keep the audience engaged.

6. Subheadings Make Your Content More Readable

Many readers prefer to quickly scan the content to find what they are looking for. Subheadings make their job much easier.

A long text without subheadings is nothing but a boring piece of text. It can make the post look boring and even cause readers to lose interest.

Sectioning your content using H2. H3. The H4 subheadings are a great way of making it more readable and improve your post-session duration.


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