A 3-step NBA trade delay plan for the Boston Celtics

Well, things aren’t really looking good for the Boston Celtics right now. A three-game winning streak that seemed fragile was undone by the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers in crushing fashion Friday night.

Now the Cs are back in the danger zone. A top seeded NBA Play-in is no longer in their possession, and there’s no rest for the weary: the Chicago Bulls, the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, are coming to town.

Worse, they come after a 138-96 humiliation at the hands of the Golden State Warriors at home.

So the not so distant future could be as painful as last Friday. There is more hope for a slightly more distant future.

Specifically, around February 10. Of course, it’s the NBA’s trade deadline and the next appropriate time for Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Brad Stevens to strike…unless things get too serious from here. theā€¦

Either way, Hardwood Houdini doesn’t want the 2021-22 season associated with the word “disaster” in April. This three-step NBA trade delay plan could perhaps prevent that from becoming a reality:

Stage #1 of Houdini’s Boston Celtics trade deadline plan: Trade for Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes

The Celtics get

Harrison Barnes

Held buddy

Alex Len

kings get

Al Horford

Josh Richardson

Romeo Langford, Aaron Nesmith

Bruno Fernando, lottery-protected 2023 first-round pick

Why the Boston Celtics Do It

Harrison Barnes is a proven starter at Championship level, and his physicality coupled with his versatility would be welcome in the 4. He would be a direct replacement for Al Horford in the starting lineup and an upgrade in the shooting department.

Buddy Hield, meanwhile, could replace all the bench scores lost in this case, and then some. Alex Len replaces some of the big man’s depth lost in the deal.

The Sacramento Kings are looking to manage both, so Brad Stevens should make a concurrent play and come up with this Houdini-approved package.

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