About us

Are you ever feeling lost in your life?

You feel like you’re running around all day, working for your boss, but with very little time to spend with your family?

All you want to do each day is toLive your dream life doing what you love.

Gathering Dreams is open to you!

I am here to help you inspire and learn to work when and how you want.

Who am I, then?

My name is Sara.

Daniele, my high school sweetheart, is the blogger behind this blog. She has helped me realize all my dreams and she is my photographer.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked in the film industry creating beautiful images that help people escape into a new reality.

I was once a person who worked hard, 60+ hours per week. I spent more time at my desk than I did having fun. I was too tired to do anything most weekends, and just waiting for a week in the sun.

I was shocked to discover the truth one night in November 2013. While I was working on a challenging project at work, the night security guard came up to me and said “Good Night Sara!” Good night, Sara! See you tomorrow.

My building is home to almost 1000 people, and my night security guard shift runs from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. He knew me and called me.

He was there every night, leaving and coming back every morning.

This was it. I knew that this couldn’t go on for so long.

I was tired of being trapped in a job that consumed me. I wanted to be free, to live my dreams, to travel the world, and to have more time for my family and friends.

I needed to find a different path, a new way to live that would let us finally get out of the prison we had created through our self-imposed beliefs and what society told us to do.

After the project was completed, in January 2014 I took some time off from work to recuperate. While I was alone in a cafe, I noticed a couple walking past holding hands and I thought:

Don’t wait to live the life you want.

I wanted to see our dreams become a reality as soon as possible.

I was obsessed with reading and found myself reading everything.Financial Freedom And Passive income.

After working 2 days per week for the past 4 years, I was able to learn how to invest in property and create an online business. Through savings, smart investing, and my business, I am now able to make enough money to retire financially.

It was not easy. I made many mistakes and worked hard to get there.

But it was worth it and I love it! Now, I work because it is what I love and not because I must!

What can I do to help?

I gained so much from this experience that I want you to have all of it on Gathering Dreams.

I’ll help you:

*Take controlYour money is your life

* Look for a way toQuit the job that you don’t likeSo much

* Find out more about yourreal passionStop living a life that isn’t yours

There’s another way!

Every day, you deserve to live a life you love.

Thank you for stopping by! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Zinoba ♥