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The Egyptian national team fell into the trap of losing to their Nigerian counterpart, Zero 1 During the match that brought them together, Tuesday evening (January 11, 2022), during the first round of Group D of the African Cup of Nations, which is currently taking place in Cameroon.

The Nigerian team (Green Eagles) owe this victory to their player Kelechi Ihyanacho, who scored the only goal of the game in the 30th minute.

With the victory, the Nigerian team scored their first three points of the tournament, while the Egyptian team remained without points. It is worth noting that the Egyptian team is the most successful team in the championship, having won the cup seven times before.

The start of the match was at a mediocre level, but the Nigerian team quickly imposed their control over the course of the match in search of a goal to score, and on the other hand, the Egyptian team s’ is folded over his midfield and relied on the counterattack.

In the tenth minute, the Egyptian team had to make an emergency substitution, involving Mohamed Abdel Moneim, in place of right defender Akram Tawfiq, who came out injured.

Over time, the Egyptian team entered the atmosphere of the attacking match, and the Nigerian team exchanged attacks, but they did not endanger the other’s goal.

The game remained confined to the center of the field until the minute 26, who saw a dangerous opportunity for the Nigerian side when Gore Aribo gave a deep pass to Moses Simon inside the penalty area on the left side, to kick the ball as Egyptian goalkeeper Mohamed El -Shennawy, got off his line, but sent the ball into the outside net.

And in the minute 30 The Nigerian team scored the first goal, when the ball reached Kelechi Ihyanacho inside the penalty area, to strike a powerful ball with his left foot which hugged the net.

After the goal, the Nigerian team continued to press for a double score, which led the Egyptian team to fall back on their midfield, until the referee blew his whistle at the end of the first. halftime, the Nigerian team advancing with a goal of their own.

Kelechi Ihyanacho celebrates his goal against Egypt and gives Nigeria three points that lift them to the Group D throne.

The second half .. average performance and few chances

With the start of the second half, the Nigerian team imposed its control over the course of the match, against the backdrop of unjustified decline of the Egyptian players. The Nigerian team almost scored the second goal in the minute 48, when Taiwo Onyi encountered a cross pass with a header from inside the six-yard zone. But El-Shennawy attacked him to hit the crossbar before catching it.

The Nigerian team’s offensive attempts continued in search of the second goal, amid the confusion in the ranks of the Egyptian team, which over time regained its balance and launched attacks against the goal of the Nigerian team to equalize the result. In contrast, the Nigerian team has withdrawn a bit into its midfield and relied on counterattacks.

However, the two teams did not endanger both goals, so play was limited to midfield, until the minute 71When the Egyptian national team had a dangerous opportunity, Nigerian goalkeeper Madoka Okoye excelled and saved him.

In the third minute of stoppage time, Chidera Ijoki Al-Shennawy, who shone and saved the ball, was pointed out by the referee seconds later at the final whistle.

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