Africa Cup of Nations: Egypt loses against Nigeria, Sudan draws against Guinea Bissau

  • Ehab El Alfy
  • BBC

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The Egyptian national team performed poorly

The third day of the Africa Cup of Nations saw a disappointing result for the Egyptian side, after suffering a defeat in their first game, against Nigeria, in Group D matches.

Despite the presence of a constellation of top players, both at the world and African level, the Egyptian team presented one of their worst matches in the history of the tournament, not only because of the defeat, but also because of its failure most of the time. the time in the match to organize its ranks and launch effective attacks on the opposing goal.

As usual, the Portuguese coach of the Egyptian national team, Carlos Queiroz, started the game 4-3-3.

The coach, who is approaching his seventieth year, has repeated his incessant mistakes since the Arab Cup, insisting on the method (4-3-3), in addition to using wrongly most of the players.For example, Mahmoud Hassan used “Trezeguet” at the midfield position on the right side. Although the player has been absent from matches for almost a year due to injury, with the employment of Hamdi Fathi and Mohamed Elneny in the same row causing the playing area to sag.

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