Ashes: England pitcher Ollie Robinson “must learn to take better care of himself”


England bowling coach Jon Lewis has said Ollie Robinson needs to improve his fitness after injuring his back on Matchday 1 in Hobart.

Robinson picked up two essential wickets early on – David Warner and Steve Smith for the ducks – but only got injured after the lunch break. He returned to the field on a rainy day, but did not go bowling.

Robinson missed the draw for the fourth test in Sydney with a shoulder injury, but England’s management is causing some dissatisfaction with his overall conditioning.

Lewis gave some insight into this while speaking after the game but said there was some hope Robinson would be able to play in the game again. Lewis described the injury as a “back spasm”.

“It’s definitely something to work on,” Lewis said. “It’s something he needs to improve. He has a record of playing a lot of games in County Cricket. But international cricket is of a higher intensity and you play all year round. So he has to get used to understanding what it takes to be a full-time, year-round international cricketer.

“Also in these series we are now playing with the time that we live in, everything is really crushed. So there isn’t a lot of rest and recovery between games, so that’s something he will have to deal with.

” Is it a problem ? This is one of the things he really has to work on. He has shown in the English summer and this series so far that he can run back-to-back games. But there are definitely areas he needs to work on for sure.

“Obviously he [losing Robinson] has a big impact. You lose one of the crimps after making seven passes and that has a big impact on the rest of the day. He played fantastically well at bowling. He gets a lot of bounce. This caused problems for Australia.

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Robinson has had an excellent first year in cricket testing and is averaging 20.7. He’s played five of the six English Summer Tests and four here, as many as any fast England.

“So far he’s been doing well, but we play cricket a lot and train and playing at the same time is not always easy even though we can do it,” Lewis added.


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