Billie Eilish defends Charlie Puth amid alleged feud with Benny Blanco

Billie Eilish has expressed her support for Charlie Puth amid her alleged fallout with producer Benny Blanco.

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Blanco has been publicly criticizing Puth on TikTok for several weeks, insulting the singer’s appearance and music, even calling him a “fucking loser”. “You sit in a room all day doing TikToks,” Blanco said in a November video.

Now Eilish has made her feelings about the feud clear by sharing Blanco’s TikTok from November before cutting a clip of herself commenting, “What are you doing all day, Benny? The same. same thing.

Puth then wrote a simple “Thank you” to Eilish in the comments of the video.


#point with @itsbennyblanco #drafts

See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) – Wiz Khalifa

While Blanco’s videos have been persistent, many fans have questioned whether the beef was actually real or a publicity stunt, since the two artists have worked together before.

Puth responded to the insults in his own video in November, saying, “You know, man, those videos were really funny at first. I’m not sure exactly why you’ve been so mean to me these past few months, but it really hurts me. I used to admire you and I don’t know where it all came from.

In other recent news, Eilish and her brother Finneas won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for “No Time To Die” from the James Bond film of the same name.

This year’s ceremony, which took place on January 9, was held as a private event following a controversy over diversity and the practices of the organizer, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, in the absence big stars.

Eilish is also set to headline Coachella 2022. As fans await an official announcement from organizers, sources said Variety that Eilish and Kanye West will headlining on Saturday and Sunday night respectively.

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