Bryce Hall SDSU Frat Party incident causes school suspensions

Bryce Room | Youtube

YouTuber Bryce Hall recently took to Twitter to announce that he would be filing a lawsuit against San Diego State University.

“I guess I’m suing some sdsu hahahahah fraternity running this argentyyyyy over me,” Hall said on Twitter.

The claim comes after TikTokers, Tayler Holder, Mikey Tua and Ryland Storms, along with Hall, attended a “fraternity party” at SDSU where the TikToker Uber driver was allegedly “assaulted” and “vandalized” by fans.

“They invited us to their party like little fangirls, and we showed up, then they tried to troll us, take our hats off, then corner us against our Uber and vandalize the vehicle,” Hall said in an Instagram video.

Bryce Room | Instagram

“All of my enemies say they want to punch me in the face when they see me in person, but I haven’t met anyone who does. Here is my tweet giving you permission,” Hall said on Twitter.

In a recent Youtube video, posted on May 13, Hall explained how he ran out of hats as a joke over a now-viral video showing someone stealing Hall’s hat during the same event. SDSU party, then mocking the Tik Toker.


Gotcha hat #foryou #fyp シ

original sound – Chyewww

@omgjazen | Twitter

Twitter user @omgjazen who was at the party tweeted on May 14th that “Bryce Hall really bitched tf and reported me and said to sdsu. They sent a few of us a letter. suspension, that’s cool, we’re appealing. It shows how manufactured and fragile these social media jerks are. IRL. They’re not about confrontation. 69 shit @BryceHall.

In an unconfirmed letter sent to @omgjazen, he indicated that the individual will be suspended from the SDSU for three months from 5/21.

@omgjazen also alleged in a post on TikTok that he was not the only person who received this email regarding that night.

In retaliation, the SDSU student took to Twitter, saying:

Yo @fousey @ TaylerHolder @ BryceHall pussy, we’ve already decided not to post the full footage. But ngo if you keep stepping up i will rightfully post the rest of the footage of you scared LOOOOLL. Yo guys retweet this post if you all want me to post Bryce rocked HAHA. #fauxvoyou

Bryce Room | instagram

It seems that the SDSU student has also had an encounter with Hall in the past …

According to a Twitter post from April 9, 2021, @omgjazen posted the following:

Bryce Hall threatens me LOL. @BryceHall bro, did you really think the world wouldn’t see you get knocked down twice ??
@ KEEMSTAR @ AustinMcbroom. Yall retweet that and tag keemstar and austin for him to see this.

This would imply that the Twitter user spent “beef” with Hall.

So the real question is, how valid is Jazen’s story and did he have a motive for harassing Hall?

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