Devin Booker rings Kobe slander over Raptors mascot beef

Everyone wants to be like Kobe Bryant, at least in some way. At a bare minimum, we all want to be able to throw our trash into trash cans with gusto and precision, just like the legend of the Los Angeles Lakers.

But things got a little too real for Phoenix Suns goaltender Devin Booker. After his latest viral beef with the aptly named Toronto Raptors mascot The Raptor, who distracted him during a pair of clutch free throws, many were quick to compare him to Kobe Bryant and how the Mamba would have reacted differently to the situation.

According to most Twitter scribes and Facebook meme sharers, Devin Booker diverged from his Lakers icon when he decided to get mad at the mascot. “Kobe would never do that,” shouted Book’s critics on social media.

Devin Booker wasn’t blind to all the Kobe Bryant-related slander thrown at him. The Suns star decided to speak out on the matter after their last victory against the Indiana Pacers on Friday night.

Going through Kellan Olson:

“I’ve always loved social media,” Devin Booker said. “I check it daily. When they say good things about me, I don’t get too high, I don’t crumble too much.

“The only problem I have is that people still compare me to Kobe Bryant,” Booker said of comparisons to the Lakers icon. “When I told them during the playoffs to stop bringing up Mamba Mentality. I’m inspired by Kobe Bryant, Mamba Mentality, but I’m not Kobe Bryant. People here are shouting Mamba Mentality from the house of their mother.

Devin Booker has long been a big follower of Kobe Bryant and even has some similarities in his game with the Lakers legend. But he wants the NBA world to know he’s his own man. If he wants to yell at a mascot, let him, people.

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