Drake gives Kodak Black Massive Cosign

Drake has been with the Kodak Black team since the early years of Yak’s career and more recently Drizzy gave Kodak a cosign most rappers would dream of receiving from the Toronto native.

While Kodak Black was on Instagram Live on Monday (January 10), Drake wrote a comment that ended up being pinned for the world to see.

“You really have it all for this generation and the next if we’re being honest,” Drizzy typed.

The sentiment of 6 God sparked a debate on the impact of Kodak with some people agreeing with Drake while others had a difference of opinion.

One person tweeted, “N / A Drizzy for giving his flowers to @ KodakBlack1k! I said Kodak Black is that nigga! I told you! I’m glad Drake is finally letting the world know now and not later. “

Another Twitter user considered Drake’s thoughts exaggerated, writing, “Kodak Black is no different than those Fresh & Fit weirdos. Drake a nut for co-signing that nigga.”

Drizzy’s support for Kodak, who is Drake’s biggest fan, arrived on the same day. .

Now, to some, Drake’s opinion may have seemed extreme, but the multi-platinum artist has given Kodak his props over the years despite the South Florida rhymer’s troubling history.

Last May, Drizzy reportedly said that Kodak is a “poet,” an “oracle,” and that he is “really on another level” during an Instagram conversation between the two around the time Yak fell. . Haitian boy Kodak.

Drake also reportedly sent Yak a beat over the summer.

In 2018, Drake praised the purity of the lyrics on Kodak’s Die to live album, which he said was one of his favorite LPs over the past five years.

Years ago, in 2015, Aubrey danced to Yak’s “SKRT” while on his private plane in a video Drake shared on his Instagram page.

There has been talk of a collaboration between the two, and if that hasn’t happened already, maybe fans can see it on a “Super Gremlin” remix.

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