Egypt pushes the “king” to victory with good reason in the seat of lions and eagles

In a land ruled by wild lions, the “Pharaohs” plot to prevent attacks from neighboring vultures of prey.

The Egyptian national team begins its journey to the Africa Cup of Nations in the city of Garoua, on the border of Cameroon with Nigeria, with a huge public meeting in the competition.

Egypt compete in Group D against Nigeria, Sudan and Guinea-Bissau, in an attempt to take the lead to clear a better path in the final prize.

The Green Eagles from Nigeria aim to defeat Egypt, knowing that although this is the two teams’ first meeting, they can decide the group champion, or play a major role in it.

And between the untamed Cameroonian lions who could support Nigeria against the Egyptians, and between the vultures who flew to Garoua to take control of the stadium’s stands, Egypt finds only two options to get out of this siege.

The first option is to use King Mohamed Salah, the living legend of Liverpool and the star and top scorer in the English Premier League, and the current generation top scorer of the Egyptian national team.

The Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz, coach of the Egyptian team, will move the “king” on the field like “chess” to surprise the eagles and curb their fierce attacks.

The second option is to rely on the mind to survive the Egyptians’ difficult battle at Garoua, where the stadium is expected to be crowded with Nigerian supporters, so that the Eagles appear as if they are in their stadium facing their guest. Egyptian.

Queiroz’s men have to deal with the situation using the brain first, absorbing the excitement of the crowd and not giving Nigeria control of the game so as not to take advantage of it by scoring early which could give them full match points at the end.

The Egyptian team are well aware that facing Nigeria can be the key to the tournament, as the top of the group will give them easier access to the final prize, away from defending champions Algeria, which will be very probably at the head of his group to face the dolphin of the Egyptian group.

Egypt bounced back by joining the professional battalion, absent from their last Arab Cup appearance, to give Mohamed Salah, Mustafa Mohamed, Mahmoud Trezeguet, Mohamed Elneny and Omar Marmoush an additional giant force for the team in search of the eighth title.

match card

The event: The first round of the African Cup of Nations

Date: January 11, 2022

Time: 6:00 p.m. Cairo time

Carrier channel: beIN Sports Max 1

Location: Romde Adjea-Jaroua (Cameroon)


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