GQ Magazine calls out Mike Trout’s mom and dad from Millville

You live in Millville, New Jersey, you work hard, you raise your kids, you try to make a good life for your family. Then it happens.

GQ Magazine throws you under the bus!

Our hearts go out to the parents of the greatest baseball player on the planet, Mike Trout – him from Millville, New Jersey of course.

Jeff and Debbie Trout haven’t broken any fashion faux pas or anything. Instead, it was their allegiance to their son that sort of received a slap in the face from the writers / editors of GQ Magazine. (In case you didn’t know, GQ is a men’s fashion magazine that has been in existence since 1931.)

GQ throws the trout under the bus in a story about Mike’s teammate, Shohei Ohtani. The writing points out that the Trouts are pretty much the only fans of their son’s team:

“It’s impossible, on an afternoon like this, not to understand how a player like Shohei – or the unparalleled talent of the past decade, Mike Trout – gives up a bigger chance of winning to play for the Angels . Yes, six consecutive seasons under 0.500. Yes, a fan base that at times seems to include only residents of Balboa Island and Mike Trout’s parents. It’s a strange setting for the game’s superstars. “

GQ – Why are you doing that to the Trouts?

In fact, in hindsight, maybe it’s not the Trouts they’re throwing under the bus – maybe it’s ALL California Angels fans.

Sorry, Jeff and Debbie, GQ I shouldn’t have called you!

PS … Please tell Mike he should be on our show – Cat Country 107.3 Morning Show with Joe and Jahna.

THE SOURCE: GQ Magazine.

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