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7:05 p.m. | Saturday, January 15, 2022

Reports: Egypt has threatened to withdraw from African nations because of Tunisia

Tunisia is gone

According to the Moroccan newspaper, the Moroccan team, citing Tunisian sources, that the teams of Egypt and Morocco have threatened to withdraw from the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, which is currently taking place in Cameroon, in case sanctions would be imposed on the Tunisian team. after his refusal to complete the match against Mali and the refusal to follow the remaining minutes in the first round of the group stage.

Egypt and Morocco refused to approve Tunisia’s withdrawal

The Moroccan newspaper pointed out that Morocco, Egypt and Libya played a decisive role in not punishing the Tunisian team and only the result of the match, which is the victory of the Mali team with an own goal, after the arbitration disasters that happened and ended. the match twice before its original time by referee Gianni Sikazoi.

She explained that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) was considering considering the withdrawal of the Tunisian team from the match, which would lead to Tunisia’s exclusion from the tournament, but the interventions of the members of the Executive Board led by Hani Abu Rida, Fawzi Lekjaa and Al-Shelmani led to Mali’s satisfaction winning with one goal.

The crises of the Tunisia-Mali match

Zambian referee Gianni Sikazwe, who led the Tunisia-Mali match, had announced the end of the match before the end of his initial time, after which the Tunisian team protested against the referee, and although the situation was corrected by returning to resume the rest of the time, the Carthage Eagles refused to complete the remaining minutes of play, while the financial team replied.

The African Union was satisfied with the victory of Mali with a goal

The Tunisian commentator, Raouf Khalif, had announced the details of the crisis of the Tunisian team and the contribution of the Arab members, be it Hani Abu Rida, member of the Executive Bureau of the African and International Federations, in what the Eagles of Carthage did not leave the tournament after his abandonment of the match against Mali and his refusal to return to find himself.

And the famous commentator revealed, when commenting on the match between Morocco and Comoros in the second round of Group C of the Nations Cup: “The Tunisian team would have approved their withdrawal from the match and their defeat by three without answer to the Malian team and its exclusion from the tournament had it not been for the intervention of members of the executive board Hani Abu Rida and Fawzi Lakja as well as Abdel Al-Hakim Al-Shalmani, head of the Libyan Football Federation, who was supporting the Carthage team. Eagles for chasing and adopting the result only losing with a clean goal as it ended.


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