How To Earn Money Online Through Pinterest Step By Step Guide for Beginners

How To Earn Money Online Through Pinterest Step By Step Guide for Beginners
How To Earn Money Online Through Pinterest Step By Step Guide for Beginners

Ever thought of how Pinterest can make you money?

There are many ways to make money using the search engine. This post will show you how to make money with Pinterest even if you don’t have a blog.

Pinterest has a lot of potential for marketing if you think about online marketing. A case study shows that 60% of Pinterest users would be willing to purchase based upon a Pinterest recommendation. This is a very high conversion rate.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make some extra cash by simply pining some pins if you like being on the platform regularly

Pinterest can make you money.

Quick Money Hacks For Beginners If You Want Fast Money

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to passively make money on Pinterest, even if you work part-time. It also provides steady income monthly!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services of others and earning a commission on the sale. This could be a physical or digital product.

This is it.

Individual affiliate programs can be applied for by one company, or by a network such as:



Offers from Flex


So, I’ve already made some sales with affiliate marketing on Clickbank using Pinterest ( but this still has to be paid out). You don’t even need a website to make money with Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest? – If you’ve never used the platform before, I highly recommend it. It’s addictive and it’s easy to use.

It is not a social network channel if you confuse it with Google.

Pinterest is a visual search engine that lets you create your own boards and share pins with others.

Pinterest loves NEW content, and will highlight it more than any other content in its feed. This includes paid ads.

Back in the day, group boards were great for sharing information. These boards can still be very useful, especially for small niche boards. However, they are not as effective as large boards with many members.

How can you make money with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

You have many options for programs that allow you pin to Pinterest. Once you have a list of all the programs you are a part of, I recommend you keep it together with the tracking links. This will make it easier to add new pins to the list.

You can make Pins with either the tools below or programs that provide images. Or you can download images from other websites to use in your creation of your winning pin. Then you add your tracking link. When someone clicks on the Pin, they are forwarded to the website where they can purchase the Pin image item. You get a commission. It all depends on what you are selling.

How to create a Pinterest Business Account

You have the option to transfer your account to a business account when you first create it. This will allow you to set up your Pinterest Analytics. It will show you how pins are performing.

Next, verify your Pinterest website. This can be tricky. Take a look below at similar posts for assistance in setting up your account.

Next, enable rich pins on your website.

What are RICH PINS exactly?

Rich pins will show your website details and icon beneath them. If you have a pinnable picture, this will make you easily accessible to anyone looking for the source pin.

How to create Pinterest boards

You should make sure your Pinterest boards are well-named and keyword-rich.

Joining group boards

There are many ways to find group boards you can join. My favorite method is to look for bloggers and influencers in your niche to see which boards they joined.

The best boards have fewer followers and better keyworded groups.

Instead of Most popular Pinterest blog posts, choose How to make money group board.

Start out by joining as many group boards and archiving those that don’t work. provides another source for group boards.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Magiclinks is one of the most efficient ways to create Pinterest links. Magiclinks is very easy to use. They have many retailers, for example. Norstrund has many categories for creating links.

Make links to the categories that you have on Pinterest.

To join Magiclinks, you will need at least 100 followers. Get that account setup as soon as possible.

You should ensure that you have the right pins for whatever you pin.

It won’t look too spammy, so every board should have a variety of affiliate and non-affiliate Pins.

Keep your account unified.

Other affiliate programs are also available.

For example, I would promote my general affiliate marketing pins instead of directly linking to a post.

Rules and Regulations of Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

It is very important to mention that you have used an affiliate link in your pins. You can add a #affiliatelink, #afflink, or even #this is an affiliate hyperlink to the description.

It is important to not shorten or hide your links. They should still be visible from your affiliate dashboard.

SEO Pins Optimization

Similar to your other pins, it is important that you use Search engine optimization for your description.

Also, make sure it is keyworded.

It should also be appealing to potential buyers.

You want them to purchase the product.


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