Hull FC’s Kane Evans hails ‘machine’ Jordan Lane, talks about ban

Kane Evans described Jordan Lane as a “machine” after being blown away by the Hull FC loose forward in preseason.

Evans only spent a few weeks training with Lane after arriving from Australia in late November, but he’s already seen enough to understand the 24-year-old’s considerable talent and abilities.

The forward was one of FC’s stars of the season last year, making 22 appearances and playing a pivotal role in Brett Hodgson’s first campaign at the head of the club and he hopes to do it again this year.

His performances in the gym and on the field did not go unnoticed by Evans and Pillar set him apart while insisting he believes some Hull players are fitter than what the NRL has to offer. .

“The boys here are very fit, we do a lot of fitness and they are very strong,” Evans told Hull Live.

“It was really hard for me to come in and get used to it, but I’m kind of finding my bearings now and every week I’m getting better.

“Especially with the off-foot conditioning and the strong man side of it, the boys here are very fit and some of them are fitter than most of the NRL players because of the different type of training. It has been good and revealing to learn with a new way of training.

Jordan Lane in Hull FC training

“To be honest everyone is fit, special mention to Jordan Lane, he’s a machine and I can’t wait to play with him. There are a lot of players I can’t wait to play with and see how they play out on the pitch.

However, it wasn’t just Lane who caught Evans’ attention, with the Fiji international also taking the time to sing the praises of Aidan Burrell.

“I can’t believe he’s only 18,” he said of Burrell.

“The way he behaves and his maturity, he’s like an old soul, but he’s so fit and strong. I can’t believe he’s 18, I thought he was probably in his mid-twenties with his way of being, his maturity, his strength and his fitness.

“He impressed me with the way he trains, it will be good to see him play too.”

Unfortunately, Evans will have to wait until March for the chance to play alongside one of his new teammates.

The 30-year-old will serve the suspension he received last year while playing for the New Zealand Warriors in the NRL, meaning he will miss the first three rounds of the Super League campaign.

However, Evans believes the ban could work in his favor as he continues to get used to his new surroundings.

“It’s quite frustrating but at the same time for me it’s a blessing in disguise that I can train for a few more weeks,” he added.

“Obviously I came and the boys had been training for a few weeks already, it gives me four or five extra weeks of training to catch up on my fitness and improve and see the competition, the pitch and who is playing.

“I can kind of sit down, work hard and assess the opposition and my team to see where we can improve, so I can start a bit later.

“It gives me a few more weeks of video time with other teams so when I play I’ll get a feel for people’s habits, their form of racing and how they’re defending themselves and stuff like that. “


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