I’m A Celeb 2022: Dylan Lewis speaks out on family tragedy

Dylan Lewis of I’m A Celebrity spoke publicly for the first time about the devastating tragedy that rocked his family.

Dylan Lewis broke down in tears on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here as he first spoke publicly about his brother’s death.

The radio host, 48, spoke about the tragedy during a discussion about this year’s celebrity-backed charities.

“My brother’s name is Quinn. He’s three years younger than me. Obviously, we grew up best friends, ”Lewis told fellow campers, explaining that his chosen charity was Lifeline.

This means that if he wins that season of the show, Lifeline will receive the prize of $ 100,000.

“He’s the reason I make music. He had some mental health issues and 15 years ago he committed suicide, ”Lewis told other celebrities.

He then appeared to be overcome with grief, as he collapsed and added: “Suicide is a terrible thing that people have to face.”

Lewis then urged anyone with concerns to contact the organization.

“They are caring, they know what to say, they are trained. They know what kind of help you need, ”he said.

“And if you’re worried about someone, you can call Lifeline, they’ll tell you what to do. They will tell you some steps to take.

An emotional Lewis added that people shouldn’t ‘guess’ themselves before asking for help, telling the group, ‘Grief lasts forever’.

“I’m doing it for Quinny, I’m doing it for my whole family and I’m doing it for everyone who’s ever been affected by this,” he told his campmates.

Later, a tearful Lewis opened up about his devastation in the private recording booth.

“I can use this platform to help someone else, not to take their life away. Because I am sad for my brother every day, ”he said.

Lewis shared an Instagram post about his brother on Tuesday, complete with a photo of the couple and a heartbreaking message.

He wrote: “It’s me and my brother-in-law, Quinn. I think of him every day, I love him every day and I wish he was always with us. Everyday.”


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