‘It’s not my job’: Virat Kohli gapes over Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane’s future

A crestfallen India captain Virat Kohli’s defense against Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane lacked conviction as he put the ball in the selection committee’s court when it came to the future of the two out-of-form senior hitters. Pujara and Rahane failed in five out of six shots and made no tangible contribution throughout the year except for a hit here and there and after the shock 1-2 series loss to South Africa , it all seems to be over for the veterans of 95 and 82 games respectively.

“I can’t sit here and talk about what’s going to happen in the future. It’s not for me to sit here and talk. You probably have to talk to the coaches, what they have in mind. head. It’s not my job,” Kohli blared. said when asked what message was given to young players waiting in the wings to replace Rahane and Pujara.

With Pujara and Rahane being his full-time teammates – the former actually made his Test debut before him – it was hard for Kohli to come down the dangerous slope where he had to admit these two have now passed their deadline. of sale. .

“As I have said before, I will say again, we will continue to support Cheteshwar and Ajinkya because of the type of players they are, what they have done in Test Cricket for India over the years. years, playing a crucial shot in the second leg (in Johannesburg) as well. These are performances that we recognize as a team, ”said the skipper but, unlike other times when Kohli scored a point with force , here the words seemed like a mere afterthought.

And then it came with a jumper.

“Whatever the selectors decide to do, I obviously won’t comment on sitting here.” Disappointed but useless to dwell on “ifs” and “buts”
Kohli admitted it was disappointing not to be able to beat South Africa in South Africa, but he never believed in ‘what if’ concepts.

“We are certainly very disappointed because it is a natural part of the sport, especially for a team that is so motivated and believes that we can win anywhere in the world. That being said, it is even more disappointing not to getting the result we wanted. It’s part of the sport. Accept it and move on.” But when pointed out that the two defeats didn’t really reflect the amount of fighting India had put up, Kohli said: “It’s part of the sport. I can’t say what would have happened if that had happened or if it had happened. It’s a fact that we lost 1-2, those balls didn’t edge or slide.

“So ifs and buts have no place in sport because it’s such a beautiful thing that you play one moment at a time and when that moment passes there’s no point in thinking about it because it There are more and more moments that follow and you have to make sure you stay in the present and capitalize on all of those moments individually.” For Kohli, if they were supposed to win, they would have.

“I won’t look back at things that might have followed us as if it had to go our way, it would have gone our way. I don’t think it’s more useful to focus on that.”

The pant hang was high quality

Rishabh Pant’s hundred kept India in the third test and the skipper got a special mention.

“It was a high quality shot. That’s the talent he has and we understand his quality. He has a special talent and can do special things.”

On ODIs, I can speak from the player’s point of view

Even amidst all the disappointment, Kohli didn’t lose his wry sense of humor as he reminded everyone that he’s no longer the ODI captain when asked how this series defeat would affect team morale in the next three games 50-over series.

“I can speak from a player’s perspective,” Kohli said and it wasn’t hard to figure out what he meant.


“Motivated and motivated to play in the ODI series. I don’t think we will take that into account in the ODIs.”

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