Jeff Dye Addresses Clare Crawley Dating Rumors

Jeff Dye and Clare Crawley. Courtesy of Jeff Dye / Instagram; Courtesy of Clare Crawley / Instagram

Keep it casual! Jeff dye and Claire Crawley can spend time together but they are not in a relationship, said the comedian Us weekly exclusively.

“Since I broke up, I’ve been doing mostly comedy, writing, yoga, and watching late-night romance shorts,” said Dye, 38. We. “I met Clare and she’s great, but if sitting next to someone at a Lakers game means I’m dating someone, I guess my friend Richard and I have been a couple for years. “

The Code Girl Alum noted that there were three women with him at the game earlier this month and that it was “not a date” with the 40-year-old former Bachelorette.

The couple were formed by mutual friends, a source confirmed to We earlier this month.

“Clare agreed to go to the date because she thought he was good looking,” the insider explained. “They met for coffee after the Lakers game while he was doing shows in San Diego.”

Although the source noted that the Baccalaureate in paradise the alum and the Seattle native are “still talking”, they are not in a “serious” romance since they live in different cities. A second insider added: “They are just friends.”

The California native was previously engaged to Dale moss after meeting in season 16 of The bachelorette in 2020. Moss, 33, offered the hairdresser two weeks to shoot the show, but the duo briefly split in January. The reality TV stars reconciled a month later, but finally decided to quit for good in September.

“Right now I’m fine. Things come and go for me just in general in my life. Sometimes it’s minute to minute, ”Crawley explained on Jana Kramer“Whine Down” podcast in October. “[But] at the moment i’m fine. And I feel like I’m fine because I’m sitting with a woman who understands my life. We have had similar paths with a lot of things and it is heartwarming.

The Singles Winter Games The alum added that she had no real regrets about the situation, telling Kramer: “If my biggest regret is to trust the process, trust a man’s words and who he showed me he was, I don’t think it was a regret. I trusted someone, I believed someone he was who he said he was [and] that they would keep the promises they make when they kneel down.

Dye, for his part, has been briefly linked to Kristin cavallari in 2020 following his separation from Jay cutler. We confirmed that designer Uncommon James, 34, and host of “Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast” parted ways in March after five months.

With reporting by Diana Cooper

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