Jennifer Aniston apparently doesn’t wear makeup in frizzy-haired selfie

Jennifer Aniston proves that she truly is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

The actress took some time to shoot Murder Mystery 2 in Hawaii to showcase her hair, which looks like it has fallen victim to the humidity.

“Okay, the humidity …” she captioned a series of photos showing her frizzy hair and a face apparently without makeup. “Let’s go…”

Despite Aniston’s own qualms, his millions of followers seem to dig it.

“Sexy bed hair though …” comedian Ali Wentworth wrote while Favorite Daughter founder Sara Foster added, “Honestly, I’m very interested.”

“I dare you to do a humid-off,” joked In the style editor-in-chief Laura Brown.

“The most beautiful woman,” wrote a fan as another comment read. “So beautiful !”

It’s safe to say that The morning show The star has always had fun with her locks and she loves to remind the world of her many hair moments. Like last year, when she posted a series of photos showing off her signature looks over the years.

“Choose your drive, hair edition,” she wrote before tagging her new hair care line, LolaVie.

Outside of the hair conversation, the actress has regularly challenged culture to rethink the way we think about aging. Last year, she told Yahoo Life that “the company has imposed these expiration dates on itself.”

“It’s like, okay, you are that age, so now is the time when you go out to pasture because you are no longer of any use to us in society,” she explains about. of the problem. But because we know so much more than previous generations – about health, nutrition, technology, science, there is so much – we have made giant strides. So what used to be 50 isn’t what it is [today]. “

“Society needs to catch up – the language, the messaging,” she added. “I think we need to stop putting ages next to people’s names. I never understood that. I much prefer my size! It’s like we’re a carton of milk with an expiration date and I think we have to figure out how to re-message it all because what I’m capable of doing today – in this body, at this age, also now because of the life I have lived – now I have more that I want to do and explore.

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