John Cena shares his thoughts on recent WWE outings

In an appearance on the Rich iron show, WWE star and Peacemaker Actor John Cena has been asked about the recent amount of cuts WWE has made over the past two years. Cena, who noted that he arrived at a time when WWE was making semi-annual cups, suggested that WWE’s lack of cups for years, as well as hiring as many talent as possible (a move which Cena admitted might have been slightly defensive) led to this being a shock.

“There’s a lot to unpack out there,” Cena said. “I will say this. When I started in WWE, WWE had just absorbed WCW and ECW, and also had two development territories. Lists were plentiful is probably a good word. When I first started in WWE, there were outings twice a year. And it created challenges for development talent and it created challenges for talent to try to make a name for themselves. Because we just knew. We knew that in a calendar year, shortly after WrestleMania and before or after the holidays, there would be cuts. There always has been. And it seemed to end just as we really started to redefine ourselves with our new school, the character style of the era of ruthless assault from Me, Brock, Randy, Dave.

“When these guys started to anchor and develop programs for the next decade or more, and we started to expand our reach, we started to have more programs. The talent lists started to grow. And I think about it a lot, the WWE hiring strategy, I think a lot of it could have, and again, I don’t think about WWE. It’s just me offering a different perspective. I think that could have largely been a slightly defensive hire. Because there has been, and still is, a giant boom in sports entertainment right now. People absorb this content, they engage. People are making a name for themselves outside of WWE, it’s not a one stop shop anymore. So I think with this flow of enthusiasts who love sports entertainment, people are making a name for themselves outside of WWE. If WWE thinks maybe she can adjust to this world, they’re going to try to give this person a chance. They are also very optimistic about the idea of ​​continuing to hire new talent.

Continuing his argument that WWE, especially the NXT brand, could be overcrowded, John Cena also shared a story about his presence on the show where Steve Austin was fired, and realizing that if Austin could be fired, wouldn’t whoever could. Ultimately, Cena realizes that this is a business and decisions will be made with that in mind.

“The NXT Performance Center is, I don’t mean overwhelmed, but it’s at maximum capacity,” Cena said. “So you have all these artists, and a lot of them don’t have the chance to play. And I think that’s the real frustrating thing, both for WWE and the position of the artists. And unfortunately, at the end of the day, it’s a business. And I remember when I started in WWE I want to use the word lucky. I was fortunate enough to attend the Atlanta show where Stone Cold Steve Austin was fired. And at that moment, it went through me like a cannon. Because I feel like ‘if they can fire Stone Cold Steve Austin, unless your name is Vince McMahon, everyone is replaceable.’

“I think a lot of the public’s frustration is that they see sports entertainment like me. I like to watch games, I like to see the potential of human beings, I like to see the potential of performers. And I see potential in everyone, especially when people start to challenge what they would call a gadget or a personality. I like being able to try to carry that on in conversations and see how far we can go. But there aren’t a lot of spots, there’s not a lot of programming. And I understand, from a business perspective, the number of releases that must have happened, if the company can justify that “hey, that’s the decision we’re making.” We want to transport less talent, ”it has very little to do with the profit margin. “

Ultimately, as he acknowledges that every journey has an end, John Cena admitted that he felt bad for everyone who was let go by WWE, especially since it means they don’t. are not able to use “their gift” as he called it. He again pointed out that WWE’s abrupt shift from hiring to firing will have an impact on how people view things in this regard.

“I obviously know this is a touchy subject and it’s going to get everyone’s point of view, and everyone is entitled to their point of view,” Cena said. “I think the sad thing here is that people who have this gift are not allowed to use it and people are out of work. And that’s the saddest thing, that people couldn’t work for a company they used to call home for a while. I feel for everyone who had to go in this direction. But all of us, myself included, our journey will eventually come to an end. And when you are there sometimes, you don’t always have that perspective.

“Personally, since I started in WWE, I’ve always had the prospect that this could end tomorrow for either of us. Because if they can fire Steve Austin, there is no there’s no way I’m even close to his abilities. And that means they can fire me. But that’s just the culture I was raised in. I was raised in semester cups and it was happening all the time. I think WWE has gone through such a long time without releasing anyone, and now they’re sort of getting back into that rhythm. And that’s a really brutal change for someone who isn’t familiar with that. . And my heart goes out to all who have to hear this sad news, because it is a difficult conversation to have. ”

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