Kelly Clarkson Fans Want Answers Now After Seeing ‘The Voice’ Coach’s New Instagram Video

Kelly Clarkson is a singer, author, daytime TV host and fashionista.

When she’s not coaching her team on The voice, the Texas native has fun leading discussions on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Along with introducing celebrity guests and talking about the latest headlines, Kelly shows off her jaw-dropping vocals in her Kellyoke segment. And if that wasn’t enough to get people online every day of the week, the american idol alum always takes the stage with a buzz-worthy outfit.

On January 12, that’s exactly what happened when the 39-year-old mother of three wore a black maxi dress with colorful stars. A closer look reveals that the long-sleeved dress has a v-neckline, black buttons down the front, and multicolored tasseled drawstrings at the cuffs.

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After welcoming viewers to her show, Kelly wasted no time in showing off the tassels of her incredibly cute dress. In fact, a clip of Kelly playing with the acorns now lives The Kelly Clarkson ShowThe official Instagram page of. “The only thing better than a dress with pockets?” A dress with tassels ✨,” a post of the dress was captioned.

Right on cue, Kelly’s fans immediately flooded the comments section and many of them asked the same question for her. “Kelly, I have to get this dress. How do I know???? one person wrote. “Who made this dress?” another added. “Love the dress! From where?” said another fan.

Shortly after the episode aired, Kelly’s stylist Candice Lambert revealed that the artist’s dress is from the Rococo Sand brand. Although we couldn’t locate Kelly’s exact outfit, the resort’s fashion clothing line has two similar looks – one is black with gold sequin stars and black tassels while the second is a white version of Kelly’s colorful dress. Also, both appear to be camouflage dresses for the beach.

Either way, we love the outfit and clearly Kelly fans do too!

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