Khloe Kardashian Accused of Bizarre Photoshop Fail in Latest Instagram Post

Kardashian’s latest Instagram post left some of her followers scratching their heads after spotting a particular body part.

Khloe Kardashian has been blamed for one particular Photoshop failure, with the obvious problem being spotted by thousands of her Instagram followers.

Khloe had taken a short hiatus from Instagram following news that her partner Tristan Scott had fathered another child while they were together.

Scott publicly apologized to Khloe last week, admitting he fathered a baby boy with personal trainer Maralee Nichols.

Yesterday on Instagram, Khloe shared a series of three photos she had forgotten.

But a bizarre detail in the first image has some fans scratching their heads.

Khloe’s hand in the first photo appears to be much longer than a typical hand with one follower claiming they were “the longest fingers I’ve ever seen”.

Another asked where Khloe’s social media team was.

“It takes 0.2 seconds to zoom in and see where this photo was purchased. Don’t you have a PR team that checks this before posting it?” they said.

The photoshop accusation comes nearly a year after Khloe admitted she liked “a good filter, good lighting and a touch-up here and there”, after an unedited photo of her in a bikini became viral online.

One of Khloe’s assistants inadvertently shared the unauthorized photo on social media in April 2021, sparking a social media storm.

Social media accounts that reposted the photo were threatened with legal action if they did not take the photo down.

Khloe then released a statement in response to the furor, explaining why she felt uncomfortable with the photo.

“The photo that was posted this week is beautiful,” she said on Instagram last year.

“But as someone who’s struggled with body image all their life, when someone takes a photo of you that isn’t flattering in bad lighting or doesn’t capture your body as it is after having worked so hard to get here – and then shared it with the world – you should have every right to ask that it not be shared.

Khloe said the pressure of being in the spotlight made her hyper-vigilant about what was posted online.

“In truth, the pressure, constant ridicule and judgment of my entire life to be perfect and meet the standards of my appearance have been too much to bear. It is almost unbearable to try to meet the impossible standards that the public has fixed for me,” she said.

“For more than a decade now, in photos, every flaw and imperfection has been micro-analyzed and mocked down to the last detail and the world reminds me of them.”

Khloe said she would not apologize for editing her photos and used filters, lighting and editing apps in “The same way I wear makeup or do my nails or wear a pair of heels to present myself to the world as I want to be seen and that’s exactly what I will unabashedly continue to do.”

“My body, my image, my appearance and what I want to share is my choice. It is no longer up to anyone to decide or judge what is acceptable or not,” she said.


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