Little People’s Isabel Roloff reveals she suffers from ‘postpartum anxiety’ after giving birth to son Mateo

LITTLE People, Big World’s Isabel Roloff has revealed to fans that she currently suffers from “postpartum anxiety” and has a “long road to recovery” ahead of her.

The 25-year-old and her husband Jacob recently welcomed their first child, Mateo.


Isabel Roloff of Little People, Big World revealed she suffered from “postpartum anxiety” after giving birth to her son, MateoCredit: Instagram
The former reality TV star opened up to fans and discussed his


The former reality TV star opened up to fans and discussed her “long road to recovery”Credit: Instagram / isabelsofiarock

Isabel took advantage of her Instagram stories to open up to fans in a few personal posts.

She wrote: “… I had some postpartum anxiety sure, but I think it’s really normal as a first-time mom.”

The LPBW alum then urged those who are suffering “in any capacity” to have “safety measures in place and be prepared for any variation in experience during the postpartum period.”

In a subsequent story, the mother-of-one wrote, “I speak primarily emotionally and mentally here, but did I mention being grateful for the ability to take walks?

“That said, physically I see a long road to recovery ahead of me. I only have five weeks. [postpartum] but I still suffer a lot … “

She concluded, “We are still healing deeply here, but still so much gratitude for the whole trip.”

Isabel previously said in another story that she “expected the postpartum period to be much more difficult for me because I have struggled with depression and anxiety so much in the past.

“But I had a relatively stable pregnancy and now the ASME is going postpartum …”


Isabel and Jacob welcomed their first child in November 2021, however, they have yet to show the little one’s face, which his grandfather Matt doesn’t quite agree with.

Despite calls to share his face with fans, the couple have remained true to their guns, even cheering on some trolls.

Previously, Isabel posted a photo of her newborn son on social media experiencing his first snowfall.

Mateo was held outside in an adorable teddy bear jumpsuit, though his face was hidden as Isabel held him so that the back of her head was facing the camera.

One troll quickly commented, “Just flip it over, what’s the deal?” “

Jacob was quick to defend his wife’s decision as he applauded, “You.


While Mateo’s face has been kept under wraps, Isabel has been opened up about the day he was welcomed into the world.

She revealed in her article that her birth did not go as planned, writing, “Our birth story did not go as planned; as we know life rarely does.

“The past few weeks have shown me what real surrender and trust looks like. I’ve never been so afraid of hands on my knees and I’ve never known… love so great.

“Seeing Jacob as a father is the most heartwarming thing I have ever witnessed. Being a mother is the most myself thing I have ever felt.”

Isabel will soon be sharing her entire “painful” birth story with fans, as she wrote about it and called it “very cathartic to get out”.

Isabel and Jacob welcomed their first child in November 2021


Isabel and Jacob welcomed their first child in November 2021Credit: Instagram / @ isobelsofiarock
However, they kept the little one's face away from social media


However, they kept the little one’s face away from social mediaCredit: Instagram @isabelsofiarock
The couple continued to talk about Mateo, however.


The couple continued to talk about Mateo, however.Credit: Instagram / @isabelsofiarock
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