Logan Paul was scammed over $ 3.5 million fake Pokémon cards

Logan Paul is not new to dropping huge amounts on Pokémon cards. He’s already spent millions of dollars on old cards, and in June he even wore a $ 150,000 Charizard Card around his neck in the boxing ring. So, in December, when the YouTube personality spent $ 3.5 million on a sealed box of supposed Pokémon cards from the First Edition, it wasn’t all that strange.

It got much weirder on Thursday when Paul uploaded a YouTube video revealing that he had been ripped off and that at least one box did not contain any Pokemon cards at all, but the GI Joe collectible cards. , much less coveted.

“GI JOE?” Paul screams when the scam comes to light. “GI JOE? It could have been anything else … ”Hear the dramatic music and Paul looks like GI Joe just run over his dog.

Almost immediately after Paul trumpeted his purchase in December, Pokémon card collectors started buzzing that Paul’s loot could be fake. As CNET’s sister site ComicBook.net reported, connoisseurs were wary of the seller’s different explanations of the origin of the card box and spotted inconsistencies between the box and other verified Pokemon card packs. . The PokeBeach website has a full breakdown if you want details on these items.

In the video posted Thursday, Paul and his friends open the box at a Chicago hotel with the men who authenticated the cards when Paul first bought them, as well as the man who sold the box to Paul after the ‘have bought himself for $ 2.7 million.

The owner of the authentication company Paul used discussed what he was looking for when approving the box, but once it was opened said, “We all got screwed. “

Paul doesn’t say in the video if he will seek a refund from the authenticating company or how he will sue the original seller. And if you’re wondering if this is all just another Logan Paul stunt to grab viewers, ask yourself. The video revealing the alleged scam had over 620,000 views in just three hours.

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