Lucas Digne “The New Challenge” with “Velance”!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

After three and a half years with Everton, during which he took part in 127 matches in various competitions, here is French left-back Lucas Digne who signs a new contract with Aston Villa, nicknamed “La Villa”, for 25 million pounds. “30 million euros” for Everton. .

Dinny was a key player with the “Toffes” until he collided last December with Spain’s Rafael Benitez, the coach, who replaced Italy’s Carlo Ancelotti, who moved to the Real Madrid coach, and that clash was the reason Denny insisted on leaving. , due to his lack of participation in the main, except Rarely with the Spanish coach.
Denny put an end to traditional medical examination procedures, after the two parties agreed on the value of the contract, and Aston Villa did not disclose the salary that had been set for Denny.

The France international is hoping to see Aston Villa’s game against Manchester United on January 15, in the English Premier League, to be the second addition to the squad, after the inclusion of Brazilian Philippe Coutinho on loan from Barcelona.
Dini started his professional career at French Lille in 2010, and spent 3 years with him, then moved to Paris Saint-Germain, and played with him only 44 matches in various competitions, and was sold to Barcelona for 17 million euros in 2016, after a loan period in Rome, Italy.

Dini didn’t take part with ‘Barca’ at all, but was seated as a substitute, and Dini didn’t end up except in the English Premier League, as he got bigger stretches to play with Everton all throughout the period, during which the Italian Carlo Ancelotti coached the team and he proved his worth to play base in the “terrible” English Premier League.
With this contract, Aston Villa cut the road to three clubs, who were looking to include Dinni, which are Newcastle, Inter Milan and Chelsea, although the latter has withdrawn from his will, and preferred to focus on the return of his Italian player Emerson, the left-hander. -back loaned to French Yon, and thought it was better to pay £ 3.3m (around € 4m), to end his player’s loan, instead of paying £ 25m to Everton for Lucas Digne.
Dini looks forward to playing under England’s Steven Gerrard, who is looking to support the team with elements of experience in different lines, so that they can continue to be a Premier League contender.


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