Manchester City’s £ 569million in revenue

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Today Manchester City released its annual report for the 2020-2021 season, announcing its return to profitability and the continuation of the trend of sustained, long-term growth halted due to the Covid pandemic. The club saw an increase in total revenue, which rose 19% to £ 569.8million, with profits of £ 2.4million.

The season also witnessed another success for Manchester City on the pitch, as the men’s side managed to break a large number of records and ended the season by winning the Premier League title, also winning the Carabao Cup. and reaching the Champions League final for the first time in Club history.


In the report, His Excellency Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, President of Manchester City Football Club, spoke about the club’s achievements during the season, and also confirmed the club’s aspirations for the future, and said: “The success of our first men’s football team embodies the club’s current history, which includes the accolades the team have won this year as the club’s fifth English Premier League title and sixth Professional Clubs’ Cup championship, to add to the team’s accomplishments over the past decade. As for the story of the future, it will be written by the next generation, who made history this year when the Manchester City Academy squad and the U-18 squad won both league championships in which they competed. , and that means Manchester City hold titles in all categories of men’s competition.

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His Excellency Khaldoun Al Mubarak continued to highlight in the report the positive financial performance of the Manchester City club over the past season, saying that the club’s return to profit making embodies the club’s long-term strategy. with regard to globalization. and income diversification, and the ability to build on outstanding performance in football tournaments. , and the support of partners and shareholders, as he said: The Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, who was created in 2008, embodies this reality in which we live today after thirteen years. We represent a sustainable and socially responsible organization, seeking and developing talent, and participating in sports competitions to win titles at local and European level.

Regarding the Champions League final, His Excellency Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak concluded: “Despite our great disappointment at not having won the final match which took place in Porto, we were very proud to have achieved this. stage in the first place. We are now looking forward to the future and we know that we will come back with a stronger and more experienced level, realizing that not only have we reached this high level, but that we have also been able to achieve a high level of stability which gives us great confidence in the future.


Ferran Soriano, CEO, also spoke about the character of the first football team after a difficult start to the season, where the team finished 13th at the end of November 2020: “The level of focus, determination and teamwork that the team provided to all its members. can be felt. Success is due to teamwork, as the team put their best efforts and continued to achieve victories, to mark one of the best seasons in Manchester City history.

Ferran Soriano also spoke of the institution’s exceptional performance on a larger scale, noting that “from a business perspective, we were delighted to return to profit, having successfully overcome the revenue issues caused by the pandemic. . The Covid-19 didn’t stop us and we continued to grow, innovate and develop new ideas. “

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