Minister of Sports: There is no reason to change Queiroz now

Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, confirmed his intention to make any changes in the technical staff of the Egyptian national team led by Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, after the defeat against Nigeria.

The Egyptian team fell to Nigeria with a clear goal in the opening matches of the Pharaoh’s Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

“The first matches in major tournaments like the African Cup of Nations sometimes do not reflect the reality of the team’s performance, I spoke with the Algerian Minister of Sports, they also suffered the same suffering in Sierra Leone’s first match in the tournament, “the minister said in statements televised to Sada Al-Balad.

He continued: “I was reassured after going through the Arab Championship matches, to see a lot of new players, we are always looking for the spirit of struggle, which we found in the Arab Championship, the spirit that we have acquired. reassured us. “

He stressed that there is no logic in changing the technical staff in the middle of the tournament: “You have to be patient.

Sobhi explained that he contacted Jamal Allam, president of the Football Association, and Wael Gomaa, the manager of the national team and the technical staff, and told them that there was no way to return to the level of the Championship of ‘Africa of Nations 2019: the staff told us we will not accept this, and they have to make an effort, we are a big country and we have our size, from He is handling a case and cannot handle it, let -inform us, we saved everything, what we have is performance and the will to fight.

The Minister also addressed his message to professional players: “You are making a big effort in your clubs, you must therefore make an effort with the national team”.

He added: “We don’t have the luxury of failure in the next two matches. The performance has to be manly at the height of our country. The players are no better than the sports system in Egypt. No player in no other game gets the same income as a football player. “

Sobhi commented on the Queiroz crisis with one of the fans in the stands: “These things have to pass, that’s not what is stopping us, the most important for us is the performance and the results.”

He concluded by referring to Queiroz’s salary: “His salary is 90,000 euros, which is an average and reasonable figure, and in the event that he does not qualify for the second round, there will certainly be another discussion. “


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