Mohamed Salah is the best player in the world right now

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French international striker Karim Benzema, Spain’s Real Madrid star, has praised Egypt international star Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s top scorer, saying he is the best player in the world right now.

Benzema said in an interview with ‘France Football’ after winning the award for the best French player of the year 2021, awarded by the famous French magazine: “Mohamed Salah is a very talented player, one of the best players in the world. He reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo, he is useful for his team, and for any team in the world.” “

Karim added: “If I can improve? No, at the moment I’m just thinking about maintaining this level, everyone says you can be a bit better, but I don’t see that, technically, tactically, mentally and physically, now we have to win trophies.”

Benzema continued: “I haven’t been myself since Ronaldo left, not everything goes through me, but now I’m the one creating and scoring chances, and it was like what I did at Lyon. , with Ronaldo I was doing and he was scoring.”

The Real Madrid striker continued: “I try to make those around me play well and when I play I try to respect football. The players I liked playing with are Cristiano Ronaldo, Juninho, Fred, Ozil and Zidane in training.

Karim Benzema added, I grew up watching Ronaldo, I took many things from Zidane and Ronaldo, from Zidane I took good dribbling and passing, from Ronaldo I learned to take risks and goals.

Karim explained in his interview saying: “I don’t care if you consider yourself a top scorer, someone like Lewandowski is a scorer, he’s a goal scoring machine. I knew Vinicius was capable of produce more, so I taught him special things in the last twenty yards, how to be decisive, how to pass and how to shoot.” Today it’s Vinicius Jr.!”

“I’m still the same player as before,” added Karim. Nothing changed that stopped me from scoring more goals, when Cristiano was playing for Real Madrid he was scoring 50 or 60 goals every season, I moved to give him an edge and make room for him, and when he left, I took responsibility for scoring.”

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