Mohamed Salah surprises Egyptian national team fans and shocks FIFA

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A knowledgeable source within the technical staff of the Egyptian national team revealed that Liverpool star and captain of the Pharaohs “Mohamed Salah” did not ask to leave the team’s camp in Cameroon and go to Switzerland to attend the award ceremony for the best player in the world presented by the International Football Association, where he assured Salah to the officials The team said they were not thinking at all of attending the ceremony, and her goal right now is only to provide the best she has with the Egyptian team.

Some media had raised a state of controversy concerning the possibility that Mohamed Salah would leave the national team camp on the morning of Monday, January 17, in order to attend the award ceremony for “The Best”, which is awarded to the best player in the world by the International Federation “FIFA”.However, responsible sources in the technical staff of the national team have confirmed that all these reports are not true at all.

On the other hand, French striker Karim Benzema, the star of Real Madrid and the national team, has praised the Egyptian international, pointing out that he is the best player in the world at the moment. .

In an interview with France Football, Benzema said after winning the 2021 French Player of the Year award, given by the famous French magazine, “Mohamed Salah is a very talented player, one of the best players in the world. He reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is useful for his team, and for any team in the world.”

ونشر نادي ليفربول خبر فوز اللاعب الموهوب بجائزة جديدة تضاف لسجله الرائع مع الفريق الإنجليزي, وذلك على الرغم من تواجده مع منتخب بلاده في كأس الأمم الإفريقية وقبل مواجهة صعبة ينتظرها الجمهور المصري أمام غينيا بيساو, حيث أكد النادي فوز محمد صلاح بجائزة أفضل لاعب في ليفربول خلال month of December.

It should be noted that the International Federation had announced the names of the players nominated for the award “The Best” in the world in 2021, and Mohamed Salah entered the final list, which included Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich and Poland, in more to Argentine legend Lionel Messi, star of Paris Saint-Germain.

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