Nadia Bartel spotted with her new boyfriend, Peter Dugmore | Pictures

The ex-wife of AFL star Jimmy Bartel is said to have moved on with a former footballer turned model after the couple were spotted together.

Nadia Bartel was spotted approaching a new man in a Melbourne alleyway.

The influencer was pictured in an embrace with the man on Tuesday, identified by the Sun Heraldas a former footballer turned fitness expert and model Peter Dugmore.

The newspaper reports that the couple are dating, with Peter based in Sydney where Nadia documented a trip earlier this month.

The couple have yet to open up about their rumored relationship, with Nadia remaining silent about it on her Instagram account.

Henne’s owner abruptly separated from husband Jimmy Bartel in 2019 amid speculation about the AFL star’s trip to London, where his future girlfriend Lauren Mand lived,

Lauren and Jimmy separated in August 2021 and he went public with his new girlfriend Amelia Shepperd during a trip to Sydney last December.

Meanwhile, Nadia has kept a low profile in the romance department since her marriage ended.

She was rumored to be dating personal trainer Nathan Brodie towards the end of 2020, however, neither has ever confirmed the relationship.

It has been a difficult few months for Nadia, as it was revealed earlier this week that the mother-of-two would face justice after being charged with driving while her license was suspended and she did not have updated their residential address.

Nadia will appear in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on March 24, but says she had no idea her license was suspended at the time of the alleged incident.

She was pulled over by Prahran Highway Patrol police on Dandenong Road in Windsor around 12:30 p.m. on August 25 last year.

Police allege her license was suspended because she lost all of her demerit points, but the clothing designer told the Sun Herald she had not updated her address and the notice of suspension was sent to a former home.

“I was not aware of the suspension as a communication had been sent to my old residential address which I had not received,” Nadia said.

“I would never have driven if I had known about the suspension and my residential details have now been updated.”

The driving incident happened just a week before a video of Nadia sniffing white powder during an illegal rally during the Melbourne lockdown was released.

The businesswoman quickly apologized for the video after it was posted online, saying she was “embarrassed and remorseful” about the incident.

“I disappointed you all with my actions,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I take full responsibility and pledge to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that I make better choices in the future.”

Nadia and other attendees were fined $ 5,452 for violating stay-at-home orders by attending the rally.

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