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Nanaimo singer Lauren Spencer-Smith rang in the new year with a chart-topping single.

On January 5, Spencer-Smith, Juno and american idol Top 20 runner-up, released her latest single, Fingers Crossed. The track quickly rose to the top of the US iTunes chart and was streamed over 34 million times on Apple Music and Spotify in its first week.

Spencer-Smith said she was at her best friend’s house when she got the call from her manager telling her how well the song was recorded.

“We panicked. I was crying, she was crying, my mom was crying, everyone was overwhelmed with all the love,” she said. “It’s definitely an overwhelming feeling. Very cool. It’s a bit difficult to grasp the concept and understand that your song works so well. It’s very surreal.

Spencer-Smith describes the song as a “breakup anthem” about people saying “I love you” with their fingers crossed. She said it was about the same ex-boyfriend she addressed in her last song, Back to Friends, and while there’s “sadness in it,” Fingers Crossed is an angry song “from the kind of back to you”.

“It’s a legitimate situation that happened in my life…” she said. “Every lyric in the song is completely true to what happened and how I felt, so it’s really a real-life experience that we’ve articulated in a song.

Spencer-Smith suspects the reason the song resonates so strongly with so many people is because the situation it describes is relatable.

“I think everyone has someone in their life, whether it’s an ex or an ex-best friend or a sibling or a relative or whoever it is in your life, everyone has that person. who told them they loved them and then their actions turned out otherwise,” she said.

After starting 2022 on a high note, Spencer-Smith said this year that she plans to tour, do a music video for Fingers Crossed and continue releasing new music.

“[I’m] definitely hoping to release an album or a body of work for people,” she said. “Everyone wants more music.”
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