Nassir Little of the Trail Blazers responds to Kyrie Irving’s claim that ‘useless’ and ‘bad’ play hurt the Nets star

Portland Trail Blazers forward Nassir Little tweeted a response to request from Brooklyn goalie Kyrie Irving that he committed an “unnecessary” and “bad” game by diving for a loose ball near the legs of the Nets star, which caused him to fall and injure his ankle.

The game came with just under six minutes remaining in Monday night’s game at Moda Center ultimately won by Portland, 114-108. Irving rolled his ankle on the game but stayed in the game. On social media, some Nets fans claimed the room was dirty.

“I would never hurt anyone on purpose,” Little tweeted Tuesday morning. “I have the utmost respect for Kyrie! But you’re all delusional if you think this is a bad play, and I will do it again. Idgaf what you’re all talking about.

During the game in question, both players were chasing after a loose ball with Irving in front. Irving started to slow as Little, trailing from behind, dove for the ball slightly to the left of Irving’s legs and tripped the Nets star.

Irving landed awkwardly and later said he had injured his ankle. However, he remained in the game.

After the game Irving said that he would be fine, but added that he thought Little had made a smart play.

“It’s just one of those bad rooms, you know?” Irving said. “I tried to pull away but I just felt like it was just… It was pointless, you know?” Like, for him to dive that far towards the ball. I was just trying to get out of it. But just a useless room.

Little was not called for a foul. Irving said he told officials they need to do a better job protecting players on the pitch from such games.

“I understand Nassir wants to go get the ball, but it’s like, bro, it’s just a bad game,” Irving said. “That’s perfect. I could have broken my ankle or done something worse. There’s just no room in our game for that. I get Nassir’s intention … But it doesn’t. could not be avoided.

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