NFT Game Zomfi to Be Offered in Public Sale

HONG KONG, Nov 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Zomfi Tech Limited recently launched its new NFT game, Zomfi, in the crypto market and will list its coin on decentralized exchanges the week of November 14, 2021. Some of them exchanges include Roseonpad, Enjinstation, and GameStation. Soon after, the $ ZOMFI token will also be available on centralized exchanges, allowing investors and crypto players to participate in the latest NFT game.

With Bitcoin hitting an all-time high of $ 66,974.77 on October 20, 2021, investing in cryptocurrencies has never been more profitable and popular than it is now, with NFT games in the lead. NFT games have also been an emerging way for gamers to make money in a post-pandemic world, forcing many people to try and find other ways to supplement their income. As the popularity of click and win games in the crypto market declines, users will now be able to earn crypto by playing a game that allows them to interact with their environment.

Zomfi is a third-person shooter game, where players will be able to travel through a zombie apocalypse to collect materials and battle zombies. Players will be able to use digital tokens to purchase materials to play the game and advance to other levels. Zomfi combines the ever popular genre of zombies with blockchain, producing immersive 3D gameplay that has never been seen before in the crypto market. The game is designed as a play2earn platform which integrates the NFTs into the game over the BSC network with a smart contract.

Some features of the game include:

  • Achievement-based reward system instead of daily rewards
  • In-game currency to help eliminate BSC gasoline fees, ensuring higher rewards
  • Complex PVE level system that provides lasting gaming value and entertainment
  • Developer interactions with players to allow a better connection with the community

The developers are currently in the pre-alpha phase and will have a test network in the coming months. With an achievement-based reward system, players will be able to earn $ ZOMFI on a single account while exploring the expansive world. An NFT sale of weapons, gear and more is also planned after the initial IDO, allowing players to power up their characters. Zomfi aims to attract a large audience and understands the cost of playing NFT games and has priced their guns at $ 20.00, allowing an inclusive range of players to participate. The game is expected to arrive in March or April 2022 with great anticipation from investors and gamers.

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