Pavement’s Terror Twilight is finally reissued

Terror Twilight: Horizontal Farewell

Terror Twilight: Horizontal Farewell
Picture: Matador discs

Last year, Pavement Anneeleven their first tour from the meeting to 2010, Who kicking in Primavera Sound in June 2022. And it turns out that’s not the only thing Pavement has in store for fans this year. After 13 years of waiting for the final episode of a series of reissues spanning the entire catalog that started a long time ago in 2002, Matador Records announced that Terror Twilight: Horizontal Farewell arrives April 8.

The 45-track set contains a remastered version of Pavement’s 1999 Swan Song, as well as “B-sides, home demos, rehearsal tapes, live recordings adapted to the era and even raw tracks from Pavement’s abandoned session at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studio,” the statement said. Press.

The reissue will be released on both CD and vinyl, but while the CD version retains the original sequencing, the four LP vinyl set will “restore the sequence suggested by producer Nigel Godrich –which highlights the most captivating songs on the album.

Fans can finally hear 28 unreleased tracks in the reissue as well. To celebrate the news, today you can hear one of these unreleased tracks: “Be The Hook”.

And in case you were wondering why Matador took so long to finally release the re-release after fans harassed the label to do so for over a decade (and after the label re-released all of Pavement’s other studio albums every two years), there is a good explanation for this mentioned in the press release: “The truth is, we were just waiting for them to replay a few shows.” Lucky for us, Pavement has finally decided to tour this year, so let’s not think about what would have happened if they had decided to quit acting.

Terror Twilight: Horizontal Farewell list of tracks:

LP1 – Side A

1) the platform blues

2) The Hexx

3) you are a light

4) Crème d’Or

5) Ann is not crying

LP1 – Side B

1) Billie

2) Jam Folk

3) Major leagues

4) carrot string

5) Backpack #

6) Speak, see, remember

7) spit on a stranger

LP2 – Face C

1) The porpoise and the hand grenade

2) Player on the roof

3) your time to change

4) Kick your toe

5) Major leagues (demo version)

6) Sun exposure

LP2 – Face D

1) Carrot string (SM demo) #

2) Folk Jam Moog (SM Demo) #

3) Billy (SM Demo) #

4) Twilight of Terror [Speak, See, Remember] (SM Demo) #

5) You are a light (SM demo) #

6) Intro Cream of Gold (Jessamine) #

7) Crème d’Or (SM Demo) #

LP3 – Face E

1) Spit on a stranger (SM Demo) #

2) Folk Jam Guitar (SM Demo) #

3) You are a light (Echo Canyon) #

4) Ground beef heart [Platform Blues] (Echo Canyon) #

5) Jam Folk (Echo Canyon) #

LP3 – Face F

1) Ann Don’t Cry (Echo Canyon) #

2) Jesus in Harlem [Cream of Gold] (Echo Canyon) #

3) The porpoise and the hand grenade (Echo Canyon) #

4) Spit on a stranger (Echo Canyon) #

5) Be the hook #

LP4 – Face G

1) You are a light (Jackpot!) #

2) Twilight of Terror [Speak, See, Remember] (rpm) #

3) Player on the roof (Jessamine) #

4) For sale! Preston School of Industry (Jessamine) #

5) Forward (Live) #

LP4 – Side H

1) Blues Platform (Live) #

2) The Hexx (Live) #

3) You are a light (Live) #

4) Jam Folk (Live) #

5) Grim Objective (Live) #

# = unpublished

2xCD includes a sequence of albums from 1999


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