Pixelmator Pro Update Adds AI-Powered Automatic Background Removal

Pixelmator Pro has released a new update that adds several new features including AI-powered automatic background removal, automatic theme selection, and a new selection and mask tool.

This update comes less than a month after the previous major update which added support for macOS Monterey, M1 Max, Pro Optizaton, Split Comparison Viewer, Bokeh Blur and many other features.

Pixelmator says that these new features being launched as part of update 2.3 are the result of the last year of work, in which the company has developed a suite of machine learning algorithms capable of detecting, refining, and decontaminating colors. edges of things.

The company calls its artificial intelligence (AI) background removal tool the Magic Background Eraser. With it, editors can remove the background from almost any image with a single click. The company says it trained its convolutional neural network (which is actually a mixture of three different machine learning models) to find a subject in almost any image and automatically isolate it from the background.

Pixelmator doesn’t just cut the topic out and leave it at that. When a subject is cut out from a surrounding image, it can often have traces of that previous background around its edges. Pixelmator’s AI-powered “Decontaminate Colors” feature automatically removes those colors so that the cut subject can blend more seamlessly into a new background. The company says the feature is usually done automatically when it feels needed, but editors can also manually apply it to any layer, even those that are cut out in other apps.

The company has also added a new Select and Mask tool, which it says allows editors to make precise selections of any object and aims specifically to make difficult selections like hair, fur, or anything with complex edges much easier to work with. As part of this add-on, Pixelmator Pro includes Smart Refine and Refine Edge Brush. The Smart Refine option automatically creates a rough outline in a more precise selection and the Refine Edge brush is made to use in what the company calls “hard edge areas,” where it can create smart, precise selections by brushing the area.

The full patch notes for the 2.3 update can be found on the Pixelmator website.

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