Police – Seahawks QB Geno Smith driving erratically at 96 mph before arrest on suspicion of drunk driving

BELLEVUE, Wash .– The arrest of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith on suspicion of driving under the influence came after Washington State Patrol arrested him for traveling 96 mph in a 60 zone mph and drives erratically on multiple lanes of traffic, according to an arrest report released on Tuesday.

Smith was arrested Monday morning after the Arizona Seahawks returned from their last game of the season. According to the arrest report, the state soldier “detected a strong smell of intoxicants and observed that the driver had watery, bloodshot eyes.” Smith told the state soldier he drank wine earlier that night, but quit drinking 90 minutes before being arrested.

Smith refused to take a preliminary breathalyzer test and a judge issued a search warrant for a blood test. Smith was taken to hospital where he became restless before the blood was drawn, even in the presence of the Seahawks’ director of team safety in an attempt to calm Smith down, according to the report. Restraints were used to complete the process, the soldiers wrote.

Smith was then transported to the King County Correctional Facility. He was released on $ 1,000 bail later Monday.

Smith’s attorney, Jon Fox, released a statement Monday saying his client is cooperating with investigators. “I hope everyone can keep an open mind as the facts come to light,” Fox said.

Smith just completed his third season with the Seahawks and had the longest playing time of his tenure in Seattle. He has appeared in four games and started three while Russell Wilson was out with finger surgery. Smith pitched for 702 yards and five touchdowns with one interception.

He has a one-year contract and will be a free agent after the current NFL season ends.

Smith had only played one game in his first two seasons with Seattle.


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