Prince Andrew wants to interview Virginia Giuffre’s husband and psychologist as witnesses in sex abuse case

They also want to question Dr Lightfoot about the “causal connection” or connection between any harm she may have suffered and the Duke’s alleged conduct.

His lawyers go on to state that the Duke “maintains that [Ms Giuffre] may suffer from false memories, as evidenced by the fact that his claims about his time with Epstein and the circumstances in which [Prince Andrew] allegedly assaulted have changed many times over the years.

They also allege that her decision to waive her right to anonymity and grant multiple media interviews about her experiences with Epstein ‘contributed to any alleged emotional distress and invasion of privacy she claims to have suffered’. .

The Duke’s lawyers have demanded to see all of Dr Lightfoot’s medical notes on Ms Giuffre, her prescriptions and her bills.

The Duke’s lawyers have said they also intend to use evidence given in Maxwell’s recent sex trafficking trial relating to Ms Giuffre’s alleged criminal conduct. It was claimed at trial that she helped recruit girls for Epstein.

In documents submitted to Judge Lewis Kaplan, Prince Andrew’s lawyers say Mr Giuffre met Virginia Roberts in Thailand around 2002, “when she was taking a massage training course and recruiting one or more women to perform sexual acts for Jeffrey Epstein, who funded the trip.”

They add: “Mr. Giuffre has relevant information concerning [Virginia Giuffre’s] home since 2002, his relationship with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, [Giuffre’s] role in recruiting underage girls for Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking scheme and [Giuffre’s] allegations against [Prince Andrew].”

The Duke claims in his defense that Ms Giuffre alleges she was trafficked from Epstein to various personalities “for the purpose of diverting her own participation in Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme, including recruiting young women (including at least a 14-year-old daughter) to become sex partners for Epstein.”

They go on to say that Mr Giuffre, who is also based in Australia, has supported his wife’s campaigns on behalf of victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking and is ‘likely to have information’ about her organizations for purposes. non-profit. The victims refuse silence and speak out. Retrieve the deed.


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