Queiroz will not leave .. 42 million pounds as penalty clause in case of dismissal

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In a big-caliber surprise, Amer Hussein, a member of the Football Association’s board of directors, revealed that El-Gabalya does not have the right to sack Portuguese coach Queiroz, the team’s coach. Egyptian national, despite the boiling state within the sports community in Egypt due to poor performance and results.

Amer Hussein said in a phone interview to a show with Schubert on Radio On Sport FM, “I didn’t like the Egyptian team’s performance against Nigeria yesterday, like all Egyptians. The Corona virus while it was in Cameroon.

Amer Hussein adds: “The previous union had put a clause in Queiroz’s contract stipulating that he would receive a year and a half’s salary in the event of dismissal, and his monthly salary is estimated at 130 thousand euros (equivalent to 2 million and 3340 thousand pounds), where he has the right to get a total of about 42 million pounds in the event of dismissal, So that’s a huge number, what Khaled Al-Dandarli, vice president of the Federation told us , so we decided to review all contracts at Jabalia, and so we only have support and assistance and we do not have the right to fire the coach, ”according to the seventh day.

Amer Hussein added: “Vinjada also stipulated in his contract that he would be awarded a full year’s worth of his contract in the event of dismissal, but his contract expires next May.”

Commenting on the League Cup, Amer Hussein commented: “Al-Ahly did not ask to postpone his matches, despite Corona’s injuries in his ranks. Everyone knows the tournament is a preparation for marketing and also from a technical point of view in light of the length of the break.

And the member of the Federation Council continued: “The warning of the player in the Coupe de la Ligue is not linked to the league, but the disciplinary sanctions are linked, in particular vis-à-vis referees, it is ie if a player assaults a referee during League Cup matches and is punished. , the penalty will continue in league matches.

Amer Hussein continued, “We arranged to host the League Cup matches at noon to stay away from the Africa Cup of Nations, and we decided not to host any matches at the time. Egyptian national team matches, and we provided the Nations Cup rest days matches. “

He continued: “If I saw a conflict between my role as a member of the Federation Council and that of the Association of Clubs, I would choose the most suitable time for Egyptian football and I would apologize for the second. position.”

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