Ronaldo is the main Skinner as Arteta claims absolutely huge derby in North London

Mikel Arteta says the North London Derby (and all other games) could be CANCELED. Harry Maguire and Cristiano Ronaldo are also in the news.

Insult to injury
The following exclusivity is at the top The Sun websitethe football home page of:

“Cristiano Ronaldo doubts Man Utd’s clash at Aston Villa as he is forced to leave training early with a thigh injury”

But Mediawatch is concerned that it has missed something. Doesn’t that mean Ronaldo will be ABANDONED? Isn’t that how his – and only his – absences due to injury are described?

Called an audible
The Sun website saves their caps lock for pretty innocuous quotes from Mikel Arteta because, of course, they do.

“Spurs v Arsenal risk being CANCELED as Arteta admits the Gunners could struggle to field a team with eleven now out,” read a title that leaves little room for maneuver.

Then you see the quotes from the Arsenal manager himself, who said: “It’s a possibility in every game. On our side, on the opponent’s side, because of the amount of trouble everyone has. world meets and because it happens every week. We try to prepare for games thinking that we are going to play. If something happens along the way, that is what it is.

So yes, the game could be STOPPED. Each match at this time could be CANCELED if circumstances change and certain criteria are met. It has been for a while now. Arteta spoke in general, not specifically. He literally said “it’s a possibility every game”, so will every game’s preparation for the remainder of the season have panic-inducing capitals about his potential CANCELLATION?

The same goes for the Online Mail (Mikel Arteta admits that the Arsenal derby in North London against Tottenham on Sunday may be CANCELED…). He “admits” nothing. He points out that things are currently a little volatile.

Captain slog
It was no surprise to see Manchester United reach the ‘Can you imagine Bryan Robson’ stadium in their current crisis of a 10-game loss last week. Ken Lawrence from The sun take that witness Friday and sprint like hell away.

“HARRY MAGUIRE is to become captain at Old Trafford.”

Good start. Seems fair.

“And if he can’t unite the Manchester United dressing room, he should return the famous armband.”

As bright as the image of Maguire desperately walking through a chaotic locker room and entering the Headmaster’s office, placing the armband on a desk and coming back without saying a single word, it seems unlikely.

The following are many painstaking paragraphs on the role of a captain: that it is “so much more than shaking hands at the toss” as it is “banging your head or putting an arm around his teammates ”- but probably not both – while“ leading by example and showing authority and understanding ”. It is about taking the initiative both on and off the field. All that Maguire obviously needs to say by that man.

It doesn’t take long before Robson is lauded for “often playing through pain and maybe the occasional fuzzy head the next day.” Roy Keane is next; he certainly rose up like a lion. Then there was Gary Neville, who “has never been afraid to face opponents”. Finally, Nemanja Vidic was the proof that “when you are captain, you are the boss on the pitch”.

This just in: Harry Maguire is not as good as three Premier League legends and a Premier League mainstay, each of whom have won numerous leagues and played in well, well, much better teams than this Manchester United’s version.

“No one is saying he has to catch one of his underachieving, under-enthusiastic, under-the-radar teammates by the jersey.”

Looks like you could say that.

“But it might help. If it’s not on the pitch, then in the locker room. ‘

Ah. So you say that. And you literally have no idea what Maguire is doing in the locker room. He may have had Bruno Fernandes hanged by the collar as far as you know.

And this is where the key lies. Lawrence repeats that the captain’s role is to lead “off the pitch like on this”, but the only specific example he offers of Keane, Neville and Vidic ever having done so is Keane telling Patrick Vieira “I will see you come out there “in the tunnel about five minutes before a game. And the precedent set by Robson was to” tell senior colleagues like Viv Anderson to set up a session in the pub. “Not sure Maguire is any better informed than follow this path.

No one knows what else they’ve been up to as captains in the locker room and off the pitch. Plus, it’s fine to say that “who’s the manager doesn’t really matter for 90 minutes” when you’re captain – it seems relevant that these four captains all thrived under the real Sir Alex Ferguson and Instead, Maguire has had two different coaches in two and a half years, both of whom were first appointed on an interim basis. It probably matters a bit.

What a difference four months makes
“CRISTIANO RONALDO called on his teammates to show their love for Manchester United by ‘sacrificing everything’ to bring back the good times.”

“A source told SunSport,“ Ronald’s speech was very powerful and uplifting. The entire group of players and technical staff listened in silence. ‘

“He told the team that he believed in them and that they had enough talent to find winning paths.

He added: “You are all amazing players and I believe in you or else I wouldn’t have come back.”

“After the moving speech, the players applauded Ronaldo” – Neil Custis, The sun exclusive, September 14.

“Man Utd are intimidated by Cristiano Ronaldo as the workaholic superstar tries to fix the culture after the ‘nightmarish’ season.

“Ronaldo was shocked by the culture of the club and the attitude of some of his teammates, warning of a ‘nightmarish’ season unless that changes” – Neil Custis, The sun exclusive, January 14.

Principal Ronaldo
This second exclusivity continues …

“Now, when he comes back, he tries to take on this role of a senior player but finds that he is not being listened to.

“In fact, a lot of players feel intimidated by him, especially on the pitch.

“SunSport understands that some players are reluctant to even make a mistake or pass the ball to them because of the reaction they might have.”

Am I, a 36 year old adult who throws a strop when someone misplaces a pass, so much so that my teammates are now afraid of making a mistake because of my reaction, so disconnected?

No, it is the children who are wrong.

On the Wayne
“Manchester United must be a top team, not a top three”: Wayne Rooney responds to the assessment of Cristiano Ronaldo of the Red Devils and insists they should win the Premier League title EVERY season “- Online Mail.

It’s up there with the worst uses of “back hits” of all time.


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