Sebastian Bach, Mick Mars and Duff Mckagan collaborate on the cover of “Black Betty”

Hip-hop legend Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (RUN-DMC) is preparing to release a new single titled “She makes me high”. A remake of “Black Betty” through RAM JAM, it comprises Mcdaniel, Sebastian Bach (TROUBLESHOOTING ROW) singing, Mick mars (MOTLEY CRUE) on the guitar, Duff McKagan (GUNS N ‘ROSES) on bass and Travis Barker (FLASHING-182) to the battery.

Noted Bach: “It kicks the ass full and total in every way !! I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU ALL TO CRACK !!!!!”

Regarding how Barker got involved in the project, Mcdaniel told SPIN, “I went to a party. Travis is there. He walks up to me and says, ‘Most people jumped on the [RUN-DMC] train moving with ‘Take this route’, but I was there since “Stone box”. When I hear “Stone box”, I knew I could be a rock star. ‘ And he said, ‘If there’s anything I can do for you.’ I’m going, ‘Oh by the way, me and Sebastian do this thing. He’s, like, ‘I’m in it.’ It showed me that what I did in ’85 resonated two generations below me. But we have always been healthy. We were dominant, we were divine, but you haven’t seen a celebrity; you felt like you were with us. “

Although an early recording of “Black Betty” dates back to 1939, courtesy of bluesman Huddie ledbetter, he was then approached by MANFRED MANN in the early 1970s before becoming a hit in the hands of the New York outfit RAM JAM in 1977.

it is not the first time Sebastian and Duff have recorded together. Back in 2014, McKagan played on Bach‘s “Give them hell” album only. Duff and Sebastian has also previously collaborated with McKagan1993 solo album “Believe in me”.

Almost 20 years ago McKagan confirmed that Bach was at one point considered for the position of singer in VELVET REVOLVER before the arrival of Scott weiland.

“[Sebastian] does amazing and fantastic stuff on [the music we gave him to record vocals over during the VELVET REVOLVER singer-audition process] and, you know, he’s an old friend of ours and I really like the guy “, Duff noted. “The problems we have encountered are, in a way, with Baz, we looked TROUBLESHOOTING ROW, and we don’t want to go down that [road]… We’re moving forward, you know, [and] we want to try to innovate. ”

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