Security Camera Accidentally Captures ‘Sweetest Moment’ Between Emotional 5-Year-Old and Mother

This TikTok parent accidentally captured the sweetest moment between her and her son with her doorbell security camera!

Destiny Bennett (@thebennettgang) is a TikTok parent who shares tips for healthy marriages and parenting tips, as well as videos of her adorable children.

While most Destiny videos are recorded with the intention of sharing tips with other parents, Destiny recently uploaded a video that they had no intention of recording at all!

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The heartwarming video, which was captured on Destiny’s doorbell camera, shows Destiny comforting her son after a temper tantrum.

The video begins moments after Destiny and her son leave the house. Fate crouched down in front of the 5-year-old and looked him in the eyes. “My 5 year old really has a hard time with great feelings and regulating his emotions,” Destiny says in a caption. “This morning he was facing a lot of anger and I felt triggered by his behavior so I decided we should take a walk.”

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Before Destiny and her son set off for their walk, Destiny decides to talk to his son about his feelings. “I love you very much,” she said to the frustrated 5-year-old. “Do you know how much I love you?”

When Destiny’s son shakes his head, she responds by opening her arms wide and saying, “I love you so much.”

“I can see how angry you are and I want you to feel better,” she continues. “Sometimes feeling better is getting what we want, but sometimes we can’t get what we want. It’s good to be angry, but then we have to be able to let go and understand that we’re not going to get it, and we have to find some other way to make our body feel better.

The video ends as Destiny gives her son a big hug and says, “I need you to love yourself, okay?” I love you. Let’s have a good day today, okay? “

Viewers were moved by the sweet moment between Destiny and her son.

“My inner child is crying. Thank you for being an amazing parent, ”wrote one viewer.

“This generation is going to raise emotionally intelligent people and I love that so much,” commented another viewer.

“This conversation right here, even if it seems simple, is everything. I wish someone could do this for me. Keep up the good work! clapped another TikToker.

The Destiny video shows that sometimes when your child is going through a difficult time, a few heartwarming words can go a long way to make things better.

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