See Dylan Dreyer’s haircut after maternity leave

Dylan Dreyer prepares his camera after maternity leave with baby Rusty.

The mum-of-three shared on Tuesday that she was saying goodbye to her “maternity leave hair” in favor of a familiar look.

“Goodbye maternity leave hair !! Welcome back Bob!” Dylan captioned an Instagram photo carousel that began with two candid shots of TODAY’s meteorologist rocking her longer locks.

The next photo showed her hair cut all over the floor.

Dylan Dreyer cut his hair in preparation for returning to work after maternity leave. (@dylandreyernbc / Instagram)

“Dust off the cobwebs and get back in the saddle with a little @nbcearthodyssey,” she continued. “Come back to @todayshow soon in a few weeks! Thank you @getrusso for making your magic work… he needed it !!”

In the final photos, Dylan modeled her sleek, camera-ready locks in a series of photos as she prepared for an NBC Earth Odyssey shoot.

Dylan Dreyer debuted with his freshly cut hair on Instagram on Tuesday.  (@dylandreyernbc / Instagram)

Dylan Dreyer debuted with his freshly cut hair on Instagram on Tuesday. (@dylandreyernbc / Instagram)

Dylan has been on maternity leave since welcoming her third son with husband Brian Fichera after her waters broke six weeks early last fall.

“I had planned to have my hair done before my maternity leave started in November, but when Rusty decided to arrive in September, it ruined my plan! Dylan told TODAY Parents. “So it’s probably been over five months since I last cut and show off my hair.”

The mother of three admitted that she doesn’t like having long hair.

“It’s uncomfortable when I sleep, it falls in my face, feels weird in the shower, but I loved having a ponytail,” she said. “I also noticed a lot of grays passing … maybe the stress or the lack of sleep, or being 40 years old. I was late anyway!”

After refreshing her hair, eldest son Calvin weighed in on the new look.

“I asked Calvin after the fact if he thought I was pretty,” Dylan said. “He said ‘you’re still pretty mom!’ He’s a charmer just like Brian. It feels good to be myself again!

Fichera, who is no stranger to teasing his wife on social media, was one of the first to cheekily react to Dylan’s new look.

“Your photo from before makes it look like you couldn’t wait to tell me about ‘that awesome Seattle garage band called nirvana’,” he joked.

The couple are also mom and dad to Calvin Bradley, 5, and Oliver George, 2.

Dylan has previously said candidly that she and her husband struggled to conceive their third son due to secondary infertility.

“When we first got married, we maybe thought that one day we would have kids,” Dylan explained earlier this year. “But then we became obsessed with them… You just realize that these are the best things in the world. “


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