Six Ways to Make Money from a Blog

Six Ways to Make Money from a Blog
Six Ways to Make Money from a Blog

Six Ways to Make Money from a Blog

1. Run Advertisements

Running advertisements is one of the best ways to make money with a blog. This is the easiest way to make money from a blog. You don’t have to do any work unlike other methods.

You only need to join an ad network and install their code. Then, you will make money for each impression and click on the ads. Earn more if you have more traffic.

Google Adsense doesn’t have any prerequisites so you can usually get started. However, you should have at least 20-30 original posts and that your blog adheres to all Google guidelines.

After your blog has been approved by Google Adsense, you can apply to Ezoic once you have reached 10,000 monthly visits. Ezoic will improve the ad experience for your visitors and increase your earnings by at minimum 50%. You can also search for other Google Adsense options, including Ezoic.

Lifez Eazy is using Ezoic which currently gives me between $10-$12 EPMV (earnings for every thousand visits).

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2. 2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Did you ever buy a product from a link in an article? Most likely, you bought the product through an affiliate link. The blogger probably received a commission.

It is a great way to make money.

All I do is

Find a product that you can promote in my niche.

To get an affiliate link, join its affiliate program.

Multiple posts should be written focusing on the product, with affiliate links.

It can be promoted everywhere to increase traffic.

You can see how my content drives sales on autopilot.

Although it sounds simple, affiliate marketing requires a lot more strategies than just writing a post and inserting links. If your audience doesn’t trust you, simply writing a post with links will not make sales.

It is a huge topic and warrants a separate post. Good news! I already wrote an article about affiliate marketing for beginners. That article is available for you to view.

3. Paid Reviews (Sponsored post)

Paid reviews

Sponsored posts from businesses/brands will not only help you make more, but they are also great for your brand.

You have a great chance if you have a blog that has a lot of traffic and many followers on social media.

Working with large brands can help you make thousands of dollars. Even if they’re not very big, it is possible to still make a few hundred dollars. You can promote their products simply by writing a review post.

There are two options for getting sponsored posts.

Wait for companies contact you

Register for the Sponsored Post Network

You don’t need to worry if you have thousands of followers. Companies will contact you directly if you have an established following.

If you have decent traffic and followers, you may be able to join sponsored networks that link bloggers with brands.

4. You can sell your own digital product like eBooks

Digital products

One of the best ways to make passive income is by selling digital products such as ebooks. Many bloggers use the same model to generate a steady stream of income, as you may have noticed.

Ask me and I will tell you that even though the business model involves a lot more work, I absolutely love it. It’s easy to create an ebook in a matter of days that will bring you recurring income each month.

Imagine selling an ebook for $20 and bringing in 10 monthly sales. This took just two days. This is an additional $200 per month. It’s not bad, is it?

Selling course ebooks is a popular way for bloggers to make extra money. This is a great opportunity if you are willing to write an ebook that provides value for your readers.

5. 5.Services

You can offer your expertise to your readers if you are skilled in any area of your blog niche. This will allow you to make more money each month, and also help you to improve your skills.

It’s a great idea to offer content writing services to bloggers who don’t have the time or desire to create new content. You can also manage Pinterest accounts for others who don’t want to spend too much time on Pinterest.

It is important to first identify your skills, then determine if your audience would be interested in purchasing your skill as a service. They might be interested in your skill as a service. Why not offer them?

You can do this by creating a new page on the blog that lists the service you offer. For maximum visibility, make sure you place it in the navigation menu.

6. 6. Site for members

A membership site is an exclusive part of an online business. Only subscribers can access the content by using a username or password.

This is one of the most popular online business models that allows you to make a recurring income and it increases as more members join. A membership site is a great way to make a recurring income.

You might wonder, “Why would anyone want to be a member on such a site?”

They offer valuable digital content such as ebooks, videos, courses, tools, special content, and offers. If anyone is interested in obtaining it, they can either pay monthly or annual fees. Some sites require a one-time payment.


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