Square Enix looks to be going all in on NFT-based games

Since dipping its toes into the waters of NFTs, Square Enix now appears to be going one step further in the realm of non-fungible token and blockchain-based games.

The company’s growing stance on NFTs can be found in documents related to its financial results for a six-month period ending September 30 of this year. It comes after Square Enix joined with Double Jump Tokyo to bring NFTs to Million Arthur.

The financial results for November 5 mention the Million Arthur “Proof of concept” which aims to bring the NFTs closer to the securities of the company, this phase having now been completed, because the Final fantasy developer “will pass [a] to the full commercialization phase ”with the NFTs.

This is where Square Enix next envisions a more ‘robust’ entry into blockchain games, where it sees the spread of NFTs as a technological breakthrough, as it says the ‘token economy’ is taking over the industry – mainly blockchain systems.

Final Fantasy XIV. Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix says this means it will move to more decentralized gaming experiences and “focus on blockchain games based on the token economy as a form of decentralized content.”

So basically the company’s foray into NFTs has been successful, and we’re going to see a lot more of it in the future. As a business model, this makes sense, as the Million Arthur The NFT set, launched on October 14, is already sold out according to the publisher.

Elsewhere, the Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier The Battle Royale mobile title will launch on November 17, 2021. Set 30 years before the original Final fantasy 7, it will merge the genre with typical elements of the franchise.

In other news, a Final Fantasy 14 player has created an online raid simulator to help others practice the mechanics of the game.

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