Steve Harvey says Bob Saget emailed him two days before his death, explains how “difficult” it was to get out

The late Bob Saget made many good friends during his career, as evidenced by the various tributes that have poured in over the days. since his death. Almost all of his Full house co-stars like Candace Cameron Bure and even Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen responded and paid a loving tribute to their friend and colleague. However, Saget also received massive love from notable names in the comedy world, including Adam Sandler and Pete Davidson. Comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey also knew Saget and revealed he received an email from him just two days before his death. Now he explains how “difficult” it has been to get the message across.

When it comes to Bob Saget, Steve Harvey seems to have only fond memories and, like many of us, he was shaken to learn of his passing. So for him, it was probably a bittersweet feeling to learn that Saget had just reached out to him. During his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Harvey explained that the late artist had reached out to extend a request:

[My staff] read me the email this morning. He wanted me to come do this new podcast he had, man. He really respected the moral positions I take, he was just talking about all the good times we had. They read the email to me so it was a bit difficult. He was a great guy.

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