‘Super’ Inter Milan and Juventus bring Italian football back to center stage

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Italian football continues to shine during the current period through exciting fiery confrontations between the poles of its clubs in a continuous series of exciting highs.

The Italian Supercup meeting last night, which crowned Inter Milan after beating Juventus in the dying moments, was one of those enjoyable encounters that provide a rich meal of handsome, enthusiastic and beautiful football, full of struggle, determination and determination until the last seconds. .

Gradually, the Italian League returned to the forefront to become one of the 3 most powerful leagues in the world today, which allowed the Italian team to win the European Nations Cup. “Euro 2020”, bypassing all the powerful competitors on the European continent.

And Inter Milan were able to come back after the delay with a goal in the fiery Super match which extended into extra time, as the advantage to advance at the start was for Juventus in the 25th minute thanks to Weston Ma Kinney, but Inter Milan managed to reduce the difference and score a penalty in the 35th minute By Lautaro Martinez, the result was decided in the dying moments of the 120th minute by substitute Alexis Sanchez.

And Chilean player Alexis Sanchez, who scored the decisive goal, felt that what happened confirms that champions always appear in difficult times because the more they play, the better and stronger they are.

He said: “I had a strange passion to win the cup to keep on the right track and win more championships.”

And it was not the first time that Inter Milan managed to win the Super Cup against Juventus in the final minutes, as they were able to crown them in the 2005 edition also when they first met in the competition, during the second meeting on Wednesday. .

Inter have crowned the Italian Super for the sixth time in their history after 1989, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, while Juventus’ tally to win the cup has been frozen at 9 times.

Among the most striking scenes of the brilliance of Italian football in recent times has been the fiery confrontation which unfolded a few days before Rome and Juventus in the 21st round of the Italian League. “Juve” managed to pull off the comeback after being late until the 70th minute, but he managed to come back and score 3 goals in 7 minutes. Only he is 70, 72 and 77, to turn the tide on his host and end the match with a 4-3 advantage.

It should be noted that Inter Milan are currently leading the Italian league with 49 points collected in 20 games, one point behind Milan, finalist so far, 21 games, while Juventus are in fifth place with 38 points. , collected in 20 matches.

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