The Theories of “Yellowjackets” Season 1 – Is Jackie On Yellowjackets Alive?

Gather around the fire, folks… today we accidentally eat shrooms, prepare our teammates and whisper about the various mysteries that have come to light – so far – in the first season of Yellow jackets.

Showtime’s gripping new drama follows the Yellowjackets high school football team after their private plane to the 1996 Nationals crashed into the Canadian wilderness and left them stranded for 19 months. (A second timeline follows four of the Yellowjackets – Shauna, Tai, Misty, and Nat – today, 25 years after the crash and back in New Jersey.)

With only the finale remaining in season one, the internet is abuzz with thoughts of what’s to come in the final episode, as well as the following season as the girls separate into different clans. Here are some of the most interesting and compelling that I have come across.

The pages of the diary Shauna read in Jackie’s childhood bedroom.


The most popular theory is that Jackie is still alive today, or at least returned from the wild after the crash. Various Reddit posts and articles have noted that the journal pages that Shauna is watching in Jackie’s old bedroom cite several films and albums released after the plane crash in 1996, such as american beauty (1999) and Bring it on (2000). These deliberate close-ups of detailed pages are no accident, and certainly not a contingency error. Interestingly, a Reddit commenter also pointed out that some of the characters listed on his “Movie Characters That I Would Be” page, such as Rose from Titanic and Sydney from Scream, are known as the survivors of their respective films.

My own idea about this, if Jackie didn’t come back from the desert, is that the diaries Shauna leafed through actually belonged to her. We don’t know anything about Shauna’s parents or family situation, and based on the fact that she’s still having brunch with Jackie’s parents all these years later, is it possible that Shauna herself lived with it? Jackie’s parents for a while after rescuing the girls? Jackie’s parents also seem intimately aware and concerned about Shauna’s financial situation. We also know that Shauna planned to go to Rutgers and live there with Jackie even though she was accepted at Brown. To me, Jackie’s parents harboring Shauna seem more plausible than Jackie dying or somehow disappearing in the years after the Yellowjackets rescue.

lr kevin alves as teen travis and sophie nelisse as teen shauna in yellow vests, photo credit

Shauna obeying Lottie’s orders.

Kailey schwerman

When it comes to clans, it’s clear after Episode Nine that Lottie will lead a Girl Cult as (as Reddit dubbed her) the Queen of the Woods from the first episode. We know that Misty is also in this group at some point, because we see her face in this scene. I agree with the theory that the girls will divide pretty much like Lottie’s believers and skeptics, as we saw them do during the mushroom-induced orgy in episode nine when Nat and Jackie had to. stop Shauna from killing Travis.

We know that Lottie has, by this point, used up her meds (which Reddit says may be antipsychotics), and after Laura Lee’s death, her flagship is also gone. This would potentially make Jackie the leader of the other group – Jackie’s abilities as a team captain and natural leader are referenced time and time again throughout the season – and cement the final end of Jackie’s friendship. and Shauna, as we have now seen Shauna obey Lottie. It also puts Nat, Jackie, and Travis in the same sect, which could fall apart pretty quickly.

lr fawn cypress as taissa, melanie lynskey as shauna and juliette lewis as natalie in yellow vests, photo credit

Kailey schwerman

After the fatal consequences of Episode Nine for Adam, it may seem that the much debated theory that Shauna’s lover was actually an adult Javi was too obvious to be true. Peter Gadiot, the actor who plays Adam, confirmed in a new interview that “he is in fact what he says he is” and that he was “a red herring”. As he told E! Online: “I think the real focus was to show that Shauna is still really traumatized by her past. I think that’s one of the big themes of the show, how do you get out of the trauma of the past? Can we keep going? ? ”

But is it possible that even Gadiot doesn’t know who Adam really was? There seem to be too many weird elements for him to be just a guy who falls in love with Shauna. Why show us his tattoo on the back of the forest? How did he get his hands on an old magazine if he found out who Shauna was? Why would he lie about his name and his past? In my mind, there is still something to be discovered about Adam beyond him being just Shauna’s lover, or even an obsessed fan of the Yellowjackets. If he was Javi, I think he would have revealed himself when Shauna picked up the knife, and I think one of the other Yellowjackets would have recognized the body. But even though Adam isn’t Javi, I think Adam is more than what Episode 9 led us to believe.

Maybe Misty shows up at the crime scene could reveal that. See you next Sunday, fellow detectives.

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